Yuko Oshima, even criticized the “hubris” is devoted or net to actress to AKB graduation

Oshima Yuko’s idol group “AKB48” (23), hinted the decline to the next popular vote “selection general election” in an interview.And Not have occupational idle, is set to “my goal only actress”.To concentrate on actress graduated from AKB, there is also the direction that take to be a declaration that.

Selection It’s general election “fourth time, I wonder if we should leave?”Oshima’s movie information site” Cinema Today’s interview was published in the “(January 2012 dated 12).”While wounded is DOCUMENTARY of AKB48 Show must go on girls, dream” movie “AKB48” is tailored to be released nationwide from January 27, 12, Oshima-san is responding to the interview.

First, the activities of 2011, and roasted probably calm raised to 10 years as himself, and looked back and could act while objectively situation judgment.

’11 Is conspicuous success of Oshima-san, a talent CM appointed number of companies ranking I won the first CM Queen in 19 companies hired.Fuji TV “Why I can not love” was strong and the average audience rating of 16% even in appearance drama.However, determining the popularity vote-new song CD participating members of AKB “selection general election” in the second consecutive year the first place must not, became the second place next to Atsuko Maeda.

2012 is whether the aim first place comeback, to the question,

“It is another to fourth in the next, I wonder if we should leave?Surprising answer is that me thinking you are “has been returned.

Speaking as why decline the contestants, one that likely born to members fell to selection by yourself exit.If it is selected for exposure to the media is increased, it is a chance to increase further vote in the next election, I hear I hear that.

In the movie “DOCUMENTARY of AKB48 to be continued” of previous work, but Oshima-san had told the passion to the actress, and that feeling is questions and what does not change, “Do not change it is aspiring actress” , is defined as,

“‘m Not their’re doing the idle as a career.In otherwise too dry idea, towards their dreams, and we are doing I think that if you raised a healthy …… to you, “he replied.

From between the people who criticized reading this interview, such as “Oshima is pretentious!”,

It will be in that to concentrate on actress graduated from “So AKB?Have come up with a view that “.In addition, criticism such as “Oshima is pretentious!” Is has become even result out to the net.Is that only there is a request only in CM and drama starring topicality of AKB,

“To have more beautiful actress mountain, when you no longer AKB, disappear by definitely,” “force unless protagonists of AKB in the actress’s impossible” things such as has been written many on the bulletin board or blog.

However, ardent Oshima fans, even in AKB members, even when the one person I graduated,

You are sending a such a cheer “Yuko’m going to cheer much because Yuko”.