In simple and elegant vestiges disappear cheap city for Denenchofu inheritance tax measures

Although not take tax to be carried out in the sauna bath or public bath, you go to the hot springs “bathing tax” is applied.Although not take tax even if the baseball and tennis and soccer, and the golf “golf course use tax” is applied.It’s “jealousy motive” that these Japanese of the underlying tax is “taken from money retention”.That is, tax authorities, there is a concept I’ll take the tax from hot springs and golf’s luxury.Points out Kenichi Ohmae Mr. and nothing else the prime example is inheritance tax.

* * *
Is in inheritance tax “incarnation of jealousy motive”.He is barely are riding around the luxury foreign cars in the parent of heritage to not even work, he jealousy of Louis tax background that.

Inheritance tax, has created a large Unfortunately wealthy family.For example, Tokyo Denenchofu was upscale residential area that represents Japan, are now cheap condo or apartment is situated around, no longer vestiges of former elegant cityscape.Land prices bubble period that was inflated, and put on snow job of many “tax advisor” of residents of Denenchofu, and built an apartment or apartment to home site with a large amount of debt as inheritance measures.

However, because the land when the dead father had plunged, many second generation becomes that inherit the minus assets (debt), and than is became a dire situation that it whether in siblings quarrel who bear begins.

On the other hand, farmers are exempt from inheritance tax.Even in children salaryman, and we start the agriculture from inherited within ’30, inheritance tax is supposed to be that may or may not pay.Farmers and will have sold the field if you impose inheritance tax, agriculture is likely theory that can not be collapsed to food self-sufficiency, in fact, more than 70% part-time farmers of now farmers, 90 percent of its revenue it is a situation where it is said that other than agriculture.This means that virtually, he Japanese agriculture has already collapsed.The reason for farmers does not decrease is because the benefits of tax is large you’re doing and agriculture alone supposedly.

Also reality’s Nitariyottari fishery.Farmers and fishermen also subject to the asset tax (* 1) and value-added tax (* 2), I eliminate the unfair tax comes out in career choice.However, life is to be the subject of welfare so long to say that does not hold, it is my basic idea is that.Actually will come out many people let go of farmland because if inheritance tax also becomes unnecessary also gift tax attrition asset taxation.This what I’ll buy companies, to enter the young people, the effect also I can be expected that.

Any children if the wife, or even a mistress, because who the inheritance must be pay taxes in proportion to the market value each year tax system that asset taxation is “neutral to generational change (neutral)”.By the way, in the developed countries of the world, Italy, Canada, Australia, etc. 17 countries have abolished the inheritance tax.Taiwan also I was recently abolished at the same time inheritance tax and reduce the corporate tax to 17%.I feel Hong Kong, Singapore, the company was conscious of China scramble, rich overseas Chinese scramble, the Susamajisa.”YOKOSO Japan” and it is in overseas say touting, the majority of people living in at least there (silent majority) has been welcomed by the Japanese government, not on the tax system that.

In only two of the value-added tax and asset tax taxes, and to abolish all the current tax, he injustice, inequality of tax can be at once resolved.If that happens discrimination on the career choice also, the gap between rich and poor is also no longer on the system.And is it just that people who have assets should I sell if it in the ear, comes opportunity with the assets to young people if it becomes cheaper.

* 1: shall be levied on fixed assets such as financial assets and real estate assets of taxable individuals and corporations.About 1000 trillion yen in net financial assets of the personal sector of Japan is obtained by subtracting the debt from about 1400 trillion yen, because real estate assets are said to be about 1500 trillion yen, if you set a tax rate of 1% of market value, tax revenue It is about 25 trillion yen per year.

* 2: Unlike the consumption tax to be levied against VAT final consumption, for the added value that occurs along with the economic activity (amount minus the purchase cost from selling price), and uniform in all the production process evenly that widely thin taxation to.Taxpayer is not only consumers, are also included corporate and business who have created a value.If tax rate the same as 5% of the current consumption tax, because GDP is the total amount of added value, which is produced in Japan is it about 500 trillion yen, tax revenue will be about 25 trillion yen per year.

※ “peace of mind tax readings for the salaryman” than (Shogakukan)