Masao gold is witnessed in Beijing, the death of his father Kim Jong Il “law of nature” – Korean paper

January 14, 2012, North Korean leader Kim Jong-il of the eldest son, Mr. Masao (nam) has been witnessed in the Beijing Capital International Airport in China.Singapore Hana shaped paper, Lianhe Zaobao told as news of the 16 date Korea paper, Chosun Ilbo.

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1 month from the death of Kim Jong Il, is Masao that trend has been attention appeared to Beijing.Witnessed the 14 afternoon, the boarding gate business lounge of Beijing Capital International Airport Terminal 3.It seems that was about to return to Macau flights Air China (CA).Jeans down jacket of dark blue, and wearing a hat, no different from ordinary tourists dressed.Travel companions did not.

Encounter Chosun Ilbo former Beijing correspondent at the boarding gate by chance.The “Kim Jong-nam’s Is in Masao you sit in a chair by one person?When asking a “, it was acknowledged that in the state in which panic is a rising identity.Then “do you be returning to Macau?Do you act alone often?When I asked the “, and answered” Yes “, it would have been surprised to sudden death of” your father (Kim Jong Il)?The question of the “I returned as” (those that person’s death) would be natural law “.

For attendance to place the funeral in Pyongyang, I stayed in ambiguous reply.But, when ask and the “I must take care of younger brothers so eldest son”, answered clearly “It should do so.”.In addition, in Masao you have a net search in the lounge of the PC Korean businessman, “that it was to go to South Korea?When asked “said,” I can go not without “and answers, but held out a note and I want you to write a” peaceful unification “, written in English,” Peace “and (peace) only.

Masao Mr. and Beijing filled in the previous week, it seems that those who had met first wife and son of Beijing residents.And that before the death of Kim Jong Il had been Beijing filled at a rate of once every 2 to 3 months.

In addition, article as saying Beijing diplomatic sources, only this wife and children that had been Pampered alive on the funeral of Kim was reported to have attended.According to the 12 date Japan media, for Masao the company’s e-mail interview, “and if the owner of the normal thinking, it is not supposed to admit to three generations hereditary” answer, skeptical to power transfer to Mr. Seion (Eun) I showed the view.(Translation and editing / NN)