also possible that Greek sovereign debt 1 million yen is ¥ 2.3 million in one year

Personal financial assets of Japanese about 1500 trillion yen.Although home often can afford to savings at present, why, rather than keep lying to bank deposits of ultra-low interest rates of “0.02%”, and 10 doubles the part of the assets within the now, can be expected the 100 double ” also there is room for consideration by turning to fortune investment “.

And if normal asset management, stock investment also appealing, but must have the courage to invest in things that everyone does not want to put out a hand if the aim fortune.I is the so-called “contrarian” investment.

Speaking of investment investors around the world are escaped, it’s government bonds of EU member states that heavy debt is a problem.Starting with Greece, Italy, Spain, the government bonds of Portugal, is Urimakura from the fact that the increased risk of bankruptcy is, it is as high as real yields incredible.

About 35% yield of the Greek government bonds 10-year of this year the beginning of the year, about 130% in the 2-year, rose to about 360 percent is reached in 1 year.By the way, Japanese government bonds 10-year yield is about 1%, US bonds about 2%.

All waste paper and Once you have certainly national bankruptcy.But, if if after Manukarere the collapse for a while, investment in them’s easy money.

And invested one million yen to Greek sovereign debt 1 year that was ahead redeemed after six months (yield about 360%), if Rarere subject to interest and redemption, income about 1.8 million yen.When’s 2-year yield 130%, resulting in 2.3 million yen and more than doubled to suit principal in the possession of one year of ¥ 1 million investment was standing.

If not as much as Greece, about 7% yield of Italian government bonds (10-year), Spain government bonds and about 6%, compared to Japan and the United States debt, much higher yielding.

What about purchase method.

“Since the foreign debt is basic relative trading between financial institutions, it is difficult to individual investors to purchase directly.However, purchase if requested by major domestic and European-based securities company is possible.If you have stock of government bonds that underwriting in-house, I can be purchased immediately.

Since the euro crisis, securities company that does not have a stock lot, immediately buy case is probably rare, you should buy it if out an order to “buy want When sale is out” In that case, even “(Akio Makabe, Shinshu economy Professor, Department of)

The end of last year, the Greek government and the Italian government, was announced a policy to sell government bonds directly to individual investors early this year.If realized would individual Japanese investors also likely to buy their foreign debt.

Investors sharp of Mehashi have already hit the hand.Renowned investor George Soros led fund, the end of last year, I was reported to have purchased a European government bonds, mainly Italian government bonds of about $ 2 billion (about 155 billion yen) scale.While staring the prolonged euro crisis, it seems to have judged to be sufficient revenue is obtained.

※ Shukan Post January 27, 2012 issue