!? Nadeshiko Japan, miss the gold medal at the London Olympics Asada Mao revival won the World Championship of March – Mr. Koichi Sports Writer Aizawa

2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, the yen, and the euro crisis, large flood of Thailand, it was a disaster Oki year in both inside and outside for Japan.’12 Uncertainty to it more, likely instability increases year, after all the world to rush to the season of politics.Beginning in Taiwan presidential election in January, Russia, France, the US, presidential election in South Korea, even regime change in China is done.Also a concern North Korea situation.Under such circumstances, in order to predict the ’12, what is the point.Management, the people of intellectuals, ask a questionnaire, I had cited 5 horns of point.The 12th is Koichi Mr. Aizawa sports writer.

Aizawa, Koichi / 1956 Born in Saitama.Baseball, soccer, as well as sports opportunities to be featured in the media is less steadily coverage.Olympic year will be busy for the.There is such as “winner” depicting the team building of American football in the book.

(1) Nadeshiko Japan, not gold medal at the London Olympics

Last year’s W Cup victory, factors and that team was riding on the momentum, is that it was unmarked from opponent.The ability basis, still the United States on a single, Lost at the time of the competition is thick.With the result that betray a lot of fans’ expectations.

(2) Mao Asada, won the World Championship of March

Asada was miss the Grand Prix Final in mother aspect sudden change Mao.Without emergency return of Kai, but lost a mother, it is undergoing a revival in stout-hearted.World Championship total finish of the season of such sadness is carried out in Paris in March.And won by the support of many fans to the force, it is praise in the world.When looking at the history of so far, Asada will have no choice but to believe in such a flow.

(3) Yu Darvish who joined the Rangers, I show the activities that contribute to the winning team

Rangers you have advanced to the World Series for the second consecutive year is a momentum even MLB team.Was it that are bidding on such team’s strength of luck of Darvish.Appears to merit basis to also fully-class, to be expected to stack the win thanks to a strong back.Of course, the success is a hot topic in Japan.

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