Voice why a little serious talk to ¥ 84 of “high” Bikkuriman chocolate against reprinted in 84 yen

Super Zeus, Sherman Khan, he popular, such as head Rococo character seal is reprinted Bikkuriman chocolate Uri.To reprint the unique biceps only character is February 21 at 84 yen as “Bikkuriman legend” intact.But what you have been sold in 30 yen at the time, everyone is now the price of more than ¥ 84 and doubled in intact reprint cites the voice of discontent as “high”.The wonder was to 84 yen by the sharp rise in the trend of the times and prices? He actually here there was a reason no choice but to more than 80 yen.I want to write seriously only a little bit about such this time why.

Bikkuriman chocolate is reprinted in the metropolitan area limited to 2005, also 84 yen price of that time.But is revised premium display method in the same year, those that contents such as Bikkuriman you do not know what kind of seal out invisible becomes “Sweepstakes product” treats.In addition, determines is with the case of the prize goods not go if you do not for less than 2% of the price was also provided.Or reduce the cost of natural and seal If that happens, he can only raise the price of Bikkuriman chocolate itself come no choice.Contents he had also hand that escape from selling Bikkuriman chocolate full view “Sweepstakes product” treatment, but will not impressed obtained at that time.

However, when sold the thing that had been sold in 30 yen at that time at 84 yen, people who do not know about this giveaway display method would think only of price increases.Well since there is no description Once you from consumer, it will no way even think to just a price increase that does not go convincing.It is not not know even the mood of “30 yen in not even sold in those 84 yen original had been taken”.
Damage Bikkuriman is “Premiums and Representations Act” (?) And was there to not only this matter, and he had received pointed out in separate case.It’s pointed out that sparkling seal (so-called head) is less likely to leave for goods that do not know the contents.”Lower the quality of head seal, other seal and white Dell probability to the same” and instructions down Bikkuriman late to gudaguda state.might be some people that I think it me Jan do not have to put together and is impossible to candy, but comes out even harmful effects that do not get if you do not’m with sweets in super.He eventually hike was a last resort.

Why is regulated only realistic Bikkuriman chocolate, Gacha of social game or not is regulated.And probably should regulate over there the first and foremost.※ This article, “Sol” of Gaje communication Gold Rush wrote.