“Had been deleted thanks to Hong Kong people” global fashion brand apology – Hong Kong

January 18, 2012, Italian fashion brand, Dolce & Gabbana (D & G) Guangdong Hong Kong Michi-ten, for the over-the-counter shooting prohibited problem, apologized that it had been deleted thanks to Hong Kong people.China newspaper network told.

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Earlier this year, D & G Canton certain prohibitions road shop announced became a hot topic in Hong Kong net community.Those that prohibit the act of shooting the same store from the road.That’s what it was in response to the request of China mainland wealthy that want to visit incognito.

Hong Kong Internet users that rebounded to this.Everyone spread call for trying to take a picture, the 8th, on Sunday 15th, thousands of people took part in the photo shoot in two consecutive weeks.Gathered from Internet users raise the voice of the request for an apology was, in fact, are showing signs of demonstration rather than a photo shoot.Store temporary, has been a situation enough to temporarily closed.(Translation and editing / KT)