“English is what save the woman”

“English is what save the woman” (Chikuma Shobo, 2011) Kitamura Bun-cho

Person who Zawatto in the title, must have quite.Good title.

Needless to say, English is a kind of language, it’s a communication tool of expression and action.Basically, no more and no less.Thing … theory that such would not work in reality, Everybody would know if a person was found a little of what.English, has been given a special status among the language in many ways.For women and more It’s not that “special”,.Based on it, while interviewing women of various positions of 36 people, the authors explore the relationship between “English” and “female”.

Of course, English is “special” Nanoha, environmental influences placed women in Japan is large…

Is expected to feature these “tools”, such as the occupation is envied and employment in well-known companies, such as degree of PhD or MBA, or official capacity, such as a certified public accountant, there is many other.English, depending on the level frontage is relatively wide, and “horror” because it looks easy to understand, there is room for widely accepted among the.It’s like speaking a foreign language that other similar course, but most of wide use of English can not be denied.And, if you stick a little more because the authors have pointed out, I might get used to get acquainted with the Europeans and Americans men, of course there is also story like.Author points out, the difference in women’s and men’s advertising advertising of English School tells us that this is not a mere Yakkami.In this blog, (like this such as this) you’ve picked for this area.On top of such a structure, a huge “English industry” is a translation is established.

There are two place was interesting, especially in this book.One thing has been explained by the author likened to religion English first.That fantasy women, and their illusion of more attractive, to a new world could not go without it “door” that is opened by the English will result.And on top of the group and believe in it, invest a large sum to the English school of “General believers” women, or people who are English, such as English lecturer in the “wo” work, above the clouds you have English work “in” hierarchical society of “clergy” we reign.It is not always English and save the woman actually, but it live for peace and by the effort to believe be saved can be obtained.All very convincing Given the religion these English.That they bring “a mixed blessing” that have both “grace” and “tied” is also the same.

Second, this document said that focuses on the “break” in the everywhere.Or otherwise, to some English, such as the above-mentioned “clergy” as well as “general believer”, the break in accordance with the rank among each of the “returnees”, such as whether doing work related to English There are lots of cuts of “discontinuity”.I tend to think as a woman between inflicted handicap socially or, as with the same “faith”, and if possible unity, but have no such luck.Only the break, because it is a thing that fantasy “I am different from the others” as women sought to English.Will you be able to suffer the disruption of social hierarchy and the “upper”, who laugh, the figure of her who have a sense of security to break with the “lower”.It’s appearance itself of many women find my place in the society of the male-dominated still, and the figure of men who with diligence to position up his both should not differ terribly in a competitive society it.

If you leave a spoiler one, this book does not give the answer to question “whether the English save a woman” and.It might be about it Well, well, that is not a question of the kind seek answers.I mean, for the English, about the situation surrounding the women in Japan or, for involvement in Japanese and English, this book gives us plenty of opportunity to think instead..

So, it is recommended to all Japanese men and women.