[Entertainment vitamin ♪ “it is not at all similar”.China idle, full denied the AKB48 “rip-off allegations” producer of AK98.

Popular idol group in China, It is thing of last year became a hot topic and AK98 are similar to AKB48 of Japan.The television program “Nakayoshi TV”, it was confirmed the matter is interviewed directly AK98 members and their setter opposite to China.What really truth can be clarified.

The that the beautiful girl group “AK48” appeared in China has become a hot topic in Japan, it was last year’s September.According to the information in China’s group was formed in 2010.No doubt that the seasonal The late than AKB48 of Japan about five years.

AK98 means “A = Angel, K = Kiss, 98 is the number of members”.There has been currently about 50 people for members.Do not you think you can see from the Japanese with the majority “would imitate AKB48” is.It than is was pursuing the truth in it is broadcasting “Nakayoshi TV” (Fuji TV) on January 17.

The reason for report is also that it was Zhou came friend of Chinese journalists, the language barrier is not, and did not miss a chance to close to heart.Because after all, such as are allowed to shoot on the condition that “questions about AKB48 not do anything”, he uses the nerve also interview content.

On this day, AK98 members in studio for lessons contained the members of 8 people.Since the members is limited to college students, he almost was during the test this day.”CD is not yet out, but plans to put soon” after the exchange, such as the word “are divided into Team A and Team K” has exited the girls.

Whether Zhou came friend know that there is a group that “in Japan are also divided into Group A and K sets?When ask, “she who is to make the × mark with both hands,” it was only smile and secret ~ “.

Then that moment, and than is was Toitsume about 30 minutes are taken Zhou question is stop from men to another location.Although the interview by being “again not asked about AKB” and reaffirmed was continued, a state when Zhou this said, “in the strange atmosphere, thought to be either taken to somewhere”.

I was able to interview also to Mr. Shaw Unryuu to comprehensively produce the AK98 Fortunately.He said, “Increase the members, you want to advance also to Japan” for the future development of the AK98 he said.

Whether Zhou know that is fittingly and “AK98 against it have been said to be similar to the AKB48 of Japan?If you confirm “said Mr. Shaw is the answer that” it knows that it is said so “.

But he is “the place of AK98 activities the net rather than the theater is based”, that “members’s college students limited to”, “uniforms original’s” “Do not think you have anything like” will be given a reason was fully say.

Zhou that can not be completely convinced retorted clearly as “How I are similar even look”.Or “had heard the story now to the end you thoughtfully Mr. Shaw is often silence flows?And he glared in the circumferential and say “.Longer, Zhou also was not air put out the word.

From this interview, the get to the answer of Japan and China from the difference in the recognition that “similar” in the (officials) “rip-off allegations” were found to be difficult.But, than is was confirmed also that AK98 members are bright activities together.Zhou came friend who finished the interview also “girls are working hard to brave,” said the impressions and.

This year is scheduled to “TPE48” also born and based in Taiwan Taipei City from AKB-related group, the relationship between the AK98 might come become increasingly complex.
(TechinsightJapan editing part Maki Izumi)

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