“We forgive the Japanese” the meaning of this word that has been cast in the New Year?

When middle normalization of diplomatic relations 40 anniversary of the beginning of the year day

The Dragon if it is Chanko and Narasaki Chinese course “gibberish”.

I would again thank that was available astounding patronage Nante twenty thousand access at the end of last year.Why?In some story to Nante “I must work hard this year” is I had prepared, but whether appropriate to first edition New Year??I would welcome the idly January than 15 days while thinking.

But heaven is not abandoned us.Words at the beginning of the I “down has been”.By the way “I Why do not what the Japanese must have my forgiveness from Chinese??”Also I think were many people you have people with this question.And, to say whether, it is I also think whether Joshiki of Japan.

Location premises of JR Ueno Station.It was that of Friday, January 13.I had a Chinese friend and waiting there.The name of this person Bee’s.(Later photos will de)

She Shandong Uehai (Weihai) born.While the task of delivering the technical intern trainees, it is so become another 15 years to pass through a reciprocates Tokyo Shandong one year.In China in crunchy hardcore Christian you spend in always church Sunday in Japan.

After “Narasaki who was doing plenty of 2 hours a meeting of this Bee’s and this day is your job, would-tailed?Let the rice.And “, it was the told us the” rapids and New Year experience of old “dining chat time.

“Members fifty of our Tokyo of Chinese Church from New Year’s Eve to New Year’s Day the 2nd, went to Fukushima Prefecture.To suit mind everyone was praying to God the reconstruction of Tohoku.”” God told us.Fukushima this year to reconstruction.Japan is okay. ”

Bee’s is further to continue.

“I was listening to God in a row.What do I for “So I of Japan reconstruction?”And I got the answer”

That the word of the beginning is that her answer.A little story before Disclose the meaning of this word is derailed.It is a story of when me and Bee-san was in Uehai.That when I Bee’s came to pick to wait at the hotel.She did the talking to wry smile and Pepper as find me.

Bee wrote: “I now.It was a taxi driver and a fight.”

Dragon “example?Why?”

Bee “driver’s heard me.I said, “The woman, why morning go hotel?” I greet Japan visitor.Operation or hand “You help Japanese! ! Stop it.Patriotic Chinese do not do that, “I said.So I was fighting. ”

In fact this “Chinese like patriotic driver” is surprisingly large.Japanese Continuing to derailment incidentally had been anathema afraid to be called “the anti-Japanese era” oriental Devils (Ton’yanguizu).It is in the sense of (demon who came from the east).On the other hand Chinese who cooperated in this “Oriental Devils” seems to have been despised hated more than the Japanese and is called “Kankan” (Hanjan is “dog”).The word “Do not cooperated with Japanese” throw a complex shadow to subconscious of such Chinese.

Now Back to the Story ….

Of course, not early are such as people who have experienced directly, such as mid-war the day before another ’65.He friends of China do not forget even now about but act the Japanese committed to the old days.(Japanese but I’m going, “Tok shed in the water a long time ago”) will defeat “because anti-Japanese patriotic education has been carried out on a daily basis at school” or “TV even Communist Party guerrillas Japanese Army.It’s easy to critic as this I visibly “.

Political to the compensation of war victims of Japan and China, are supposed to be resolved in the middle Peace and Friendship Treaty day of 1972.Also a continuing “decent atonement” such as ODA to the Japanese government in China.

“It Enough said?”Public opinion reaction of the Japanese government and Japan when this hand of problem came out is a Bimyo.

But, I want you to recalled.In China, he was burned a house, or were killed or injured a family (or been told such a experiences grew up) people who are living in the actual “At that time of the Japanese”.(And where Even though it together he not easy Nante life of common people.)

I wonder there is “somehow was able to center in Japan to Beijing assistance” or what exactly meaning such people to?Japanese remember at the bottom of my heart, even the “other thing you’ve long ago forgotten” the Chinese people now.And, “because anyone say, and apologize want to Japanese” or would not you’re hope?He at least Spence feel and.

Bee Ms. story to Spence “a bolt from the blue”.Was a big shock.The reason is two.

Do hugging a grudge in Japan had sent the life and work in the “pro-Japanese” or “Japanese like the one Ms. Bee?”

that the two such she told me to give up the initiative to seek an apology to Japanese.

Excuse me.The way the reader Dear while keep advancing write up here might have closed “in the left behind.”.

Let’s hurry conclusions in hereabouts.I have to ask your students through the Chinese course “gibberish” that “I want to make the best friend of the Chinese people across public and private through the Chinese”.And to their friends as “I want you to forgive the brutality of Japanese worked in your family” and as “I want said in your words,” we ask.(I have to expect because it is “now” there is no person remember hearing such a story)

This the Chinese friends your words were heard is surely “Yeah?”What you’ll wear puzzled look.But that it should be able to catch with the kit until now with different line of sight of your.

It has become to the sermon Poi story’s point of view is from the top somehow “not even in the Gala”.Please forgive me in the early things New Year._ (_ ^ _) _

From the next time is always of the resurrection of Getemono-jokes route (sweat please Regards.(Authors: Narasaki Nobuo offer: China Business Headlines)