License of trouble to Buramayo is furious!? Dung large exposure of the inside story of Sekine & Kosakai!

World herbivorous boys full of, this age you do not Katariae in quite real intention ….Hot entertainer Black mayonnaise even where geese also far is, guests and “piping hot Tsu!” A super heat talk variety to unfold the truth talk “Buramayo and pleasant friends piping hot Tsu! “(TV Asahi).

Broadcast of January 21 (Saturday), the new plan “different reasons entertainer worries consultation field” 2nd! Also a little “different reasons” entertainer two sets this time is, visit to confide the trouble to Buramayo!

First appeared in the license! In 2006, also participated in the M-1 finals, such as further Fujiwara of blur to Yoshimoto handsome ranking Hall of Fame, two people that look is unlikely to trouble in both popular-ability.Buramayo to such two geese trouble is furious!?
Then, Nainai and Kyaeen and synchronization of combi “Dung” appeared! The ages in with entertainer world “Iio” and distinctive laugh and worldview two produces “Yasu”.The trouble that such 2 people eager to hear Buramayo!? Also Tsutomu Sekine, also senior untold story of Kazuki Kosakai from the agency “shallow planning” show off! Buramayo also startle in marginal office inside story! Really is and its contents!?

■ “Buramayo and funny and fellow piping hot Tsu! ”
January 21, 2012 (Sat) 25: 55-26: 25 (TV Asahi)