What to do major if to study in Japan?= Typical university?- Chinese media

January 19, 2012, according to a report of Xinhua net, Japan new overseas Chinese report has recently, if you have studied in Japan, should be majoring in any field?To people who suffer with, I introduced the most outlook bright majoring in Japan.

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Law and economics

This department is to learn the concept of law and politics, to foster practical thinking ability.Through knowledge of economics, to analyze the nature of the current economic problems, to understand the correspondence with the change in policy.Some law, economy comprehensive policy, the department, such as accounting.In traditionally popular majors, it is also advantageous to employment.

Commerce and Business

Finance in this major, trade, I learn distribution, companies provide economy of management such as modern society, the knowledge of management.Many people, I choose this major to learn the business management model of management that projects such as Matsushita Konosuke and Soichiro Honda.Although there are many employment in large companies, English proficiency is required.

Typical university: Hitotsubashi University (which is referred to as the Asian Harvard), Keio University, the University of Tokyo, Osaka University, Kyoto University, etc.

Literature and Education

China is in this major, I learn Japan, the United Kingdom, such as such as literature and sociology of countries the United States, human behavior and thoughts.In traditional Department of Japan, also I take teacher qualifications.These departments are often in university and education college.Employment educational institutions has become a center.

Typical university: University of Tokyo, Waseda University, Hokkaido University

Tourism and Media

There is a department of the international media, broadcasting, tourism in this major.The Japanese media powerhouse, newspapers, magazines, television, Internet, etc. each media is highly developed.If you have a keen eye for the information, you will feel the joy in this major.I said that it is a good choice to learn the media in Japan.

Typical university: Hokkaido University, Waseda University, University of Tsukuba, Doshisha University

Home Economics and Life

Food and nutrition science to this major, human environmental studies, nutritional management science, Pedology, artistic expression studies, music and video design science, art information design science, clothing material science, are included, such as color science.Japan is the most life long country in the world, welfare, nutrition, insurance, if learn medical, would be also to help the knowledge in China.Home Economics is a popular department for women.And take the professional qualifications, life is work, for both capitalize.

Typical university: Ochanomizu University, Japan Women’s University, Waseda University, etc.

Art and design

It is mainly in the learn majoring in design of anime and clothes.Japanese animation accounted for 60% of the world, there are many famous works.Animation industry of Japan accounted for 20% of GDP.Some anime-related graduate school in Japan.In college, students in addition to learn painting, media theory, industry theory, learn also related knowledge such as representation theory.

Typical university: Kyoto Seika University, Tokyo Polytechnic University, Takarazukazokeigeijutsudaigaku etc.

Japan is in the presence to lead the epidemic of Asia in the clothing design field.International also evaluation high.Life Miyake, Kenzo Takada, folding famous designers in the world such as Rei Kawakubo, the Chinese fashion industry I have had a strong impact.Bunka Fashion College is a professional school, the world 3 has become one of the large Fashion School.It is possible to learn from the basic knowledge to the production of ready-to-wear, can you fulfill the dream of becoming a designer.

Typical university: Bunka Women’s University, Musashino Art University, Tokyo University of Art and Design (Edit / Uchiyama)