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Why now, whether men and can not get married woman.Author of “was amazing After matchmaking” was Lupo the back of the “matchmaking” (Shincho Shinsho), heard the men and women of reality that can not be married to Mr. Kensuke Ishigami.(Interviewer = nonfiction writer Noriyuki Kanda)

* * * Kensuke Ishigami Mr. Born in 1962 divorced, is a freelance writer.When I read the book, such ordinary uncle is a delicious why I think in matchmaking.The reason, Ishigami says the “because ordinary men are less”.

– And I think what it is with “ordinary men less” in matchmaking market.

Ishigami: When matchmaking party go to (by about 20 men and women is party to find Soshisoai of opponents in free talk of the first half and the second half of the self-PR), women everyone is in a fashionable clothes in its own way, I hair also come trimmed.But some beautiful people such as surprised as “Oh is this person in such a place” during the.

Ginza hostess, who also wrote the book also became acquainted with matchmaking party.However, men can not extend the nose hair, there are many people not a smart way,.When asked to women who had participated in the party, had been saying “who grew up in rugby section in which I had was amazing.” (Laughs).

The Burai of myself not fashionable put on airs like in, and Toka or wearing polo shirt to show off the muscle even in winter.You are but, of course floating.But people like to come to the party is or was still better.

– I still have the “down” or (laughs).

Ishigami: really Mote no people tend high pride, and I do not come to matchmaking party like a “Mote no person of the collection” like a place.And because it is scary to reaffirm no Mote yourself.

Be sure to come if Sasoe But the blind date.Moreover, where it just because your company and boss of the story, women receive is not good.Specs If you are working for some listed companies out high deviation university but I supposed it is also popular in matchmaking market, and too indifferent to the conversation Toka clothes, does not work.

– Do you have distinctive place.

Ishigami: polo shirts and T-shirts Toka slacks-in.In Toka hairstyle of children like a seventy-three draw of seven hundred fifty-three (laughs).Special for no reason, and Toka are living in my parents.

When I asked to have asked to wash pants to eat still mother of home cooking past the 40, female side will be a lot of imagination Toka Oedipus complex, it seems absolutely positive evaluation is difficult to beat.To live with the parent at home, I but I think that there is a personal circumstances each.

In addition, the Toka or select a discount pub chain stores in Dating, Toka or even 300 yen of coffee bill to split the bill.I also own meal is sufficient king of Yoshinoya and dumplings, but when you invite a woman, you thought Toka opponent of preference, the shop atmosphere to speak not notice is not putting on airs.

Such concern, I think still need.When are the good that you do not use care to women, chances are you drastically reduced.Because such people there is evaluation and Noto gap from the surrounding self-assessment is high, it seems not even try to change their.people that I can not change I think wonder if severe in matchmaking.

– Is there a type facing matchmaking in reverse

Ishigami: people more and more are talking from their.Matchmaking party is think “good Na”, it is a place that can be spoken is not worrying about the periphery of the eye even at the level high likely woman.even in the company Toka’s a hard hard talking Takamine flowers, position in that “has come to matchmaking party” is together.

Also in such lofty dream, there is a chance is where the good of matchmaking.Can have the same kind of beautiful female company, I because you do not have a chance to put a pretty voice.And, what is more important than to speak, it is neat to hear the ability to talk of opponent.

Even talk of women even boring, anyway heard patiently, if people who say their opinion in the pivotal points, what does not work Ikunja.After all, or are exceptionally rich in appearance, as long as you do not want to or have the money, because men are position where I am Elect woman.Because it is a position where I am allowed to etch.

But hey, at Hakata City to perform easy to say, Hey I’m a thing that does not go quite well (laughs).(Continued)