One-stage high, TEPCO levitation “theory stock price 1018 yen” theory

One-stage high TEPCO.I recovered 300 yen level 3 since June.I have emboldened stop high of the previous day.I had to leave the buy order of 3.72 million shares over the same level at the close of the previous day.Flow repurchase the good feeling became active that it has cabinet decision to perform the damages support of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident the day before the “nuclear damage compensation support mechanism bill” is continued.

In addition, we have (20% or more cash out) more than 50% Margin rate from buying and selling the 14th minute, and are redeemed because it was difficult to insert the short selling of new.In addition, it issued a report that Monex is to 1018 yen a theory of TEPCO stock price also has become a hot topic in the market..(Editors: Yamada one)