Indecent photo processing of female entertainers, caught the 7 who were spread = South Korea

Seoul Central District Court on January 24, by processing the obscene photos of female entertainers on suspicion that was circulated in the Internet (the Act on information communication network use promotion and information protection, etc.), constraining the five people, including Moon suspects (38) · I was sent papers.Two junior high school students of the same suspect also has been caught, as is referred to juvenile part in less than 14 years of age.Multiple of Korea media reported.

According to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, and me for a obscene photo 5200 or more sheets that were processed at idle and talent such as female entertainer 157 people face from last year in June to five Moon suspects on the net, two junior high school students also disseminate about 700 sheets to have.These photos “is not a simple nude photos were included to sexual photos of” that.

Moon suspect who is to upload a composite photograph in such post sharing site on the net, a point accumulated in the download of other users were found to have benefited in the form of exchange in cash.

Officials of the Public Prosecutor’s Office as “expression of desire distorted for celebrities” about this incident, has revealed that to strengthen the crackdown also related crime future.(Editors: Takeshi Nagai)