NTV vs Fuji viewing rate war of key personnel is that Choi erotic girls Ana!?

Shocking in condom photo of outflow from then left the Nippon TV 1 year, Miku Natsume comes back to former club as a free announcer.According to released the 26th “Weekly true story” (Nipponjanarushuppan), Natsume “laugh from April! Are appointed to moderator of Amekan “, it seems the face of program along with the rain squad of comedy duo.

Speaking of free after-turned activity of Natsume “Shirushirumishiru” Although (TV Asahi) and “Hanamaru Market” (TBS system) to have guest appearances, regular program “anger new party of Matsuko & Ariyoshi” (TV Asahi) only.However, the program records the viewing of 6% level in spite of the late-night.Last year was promoted to the 23 o’clock in October, average audience rating is also when beating out two digits in around 8% of.Now TV world, Natsume is regular program what little, it seems to have been referred to as the “Queen of the uncrowned” as one of the few free analyst to have a number.

Of course, each station with its presence would place to be worried about.Last year, the movement of the Fuji TV has been deprived of the throne was that lasted Nippon TV and 7 years won the annual viewing rate triple crown is of particular interest.Recapture and to prepare a Fuji TV “information live Miyane-ya” program (NTV) daytime band was appointed Aya Takashima in the form of strike in the imperative, both he has scattered sparks crackled.When it Natsume to become a key person in the 2 little dispute, entertainment officials point out.

“As is the upper part of must welcome again the employees said that also drove once in scandal it would be humiliating, but the attitude that it will not be not NTV also bothered Narifuri will glimpses.Women’s Ana Tele day that ace of Yukari Nishio gecko Maki has left in addition to Natsume layer is thin, the presence conspicuous I because much is Hayama Helene.And because even if its Hayama will not have bomb in men relationship ”

Natsume is a translation that was the best trump card for NTV, but I continue do this about the situation of rival Fuji TV.

“The presence of Natsume should chance also for Fuji TV.”Katopan” Son and Ayako and Yoko Shono Kato, if Kuwaware is Natsume Nevertheless free to Fuji Women’s Ana kingdom such as Rio Hirai, just to demon and Kanabo.I because the strongest lineup is completed.If accustomed hope of the person and the Fuji’s first appearance is available, such as large role shows and more, such as matching, Be a revealing the nose of NTV, it would be Uhauha After the coming numbers also attached ”

But might be intense summer first competition under the surface of the water has been waged, in the article “Weekly true story” is, casting of Natsume is touching also tricky reason.

for Natsume does not belong to the entertainment professional, it is extremely difficult even just take an appointment.In addition, Internet companies that father was founded “e-Guardian” is listed on the 2010, stock prices soared.Natsume owns 24,000 shares, assets are said to be at least 100 million yen or more.Therefore, there is no need to put the greedy and work and impatient, and he that does not receive only favorite work.

Natsume is become ironic result of having the first Golden program after free-turned on Japan TV of a full, at the time of the boss who dried her are already relegated, not grudge at all against her own also NTV and synchronization and there is a.Is it a familiar one day Tele go to work to own pace on the base, or to expand the field to Fuji TV “have” or to exert its presence as women Ana.In the TV world and girls Ana boundaries of the number of powerful that incandescent in the viewing rate war, Natsume’s suddenly going to be the eye of the typhoon.
(Statement = Tomoyuki Kojima)

* Image: “! Special edition special books Sinsengumi DX women Ana SHOOTING 2011 年 07 May issue” bamboo Shobo

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