Nidec Nagamori president earnings downward revision announced

I meet in.

The 3Q financial results of Nidec has been announced.Each period, I am looking forward to the description of the results briefing of Nagamori president (= speech).In particular question-and-answer session with analysts is a rarity.

Over 2011 full-year forecast

The previous year in operating profit 90 billion yen is, the likelihood of the current fiscal year expected 70 billion yen.Asked to January-March period performance of analysts, said even if the story of “1 over ended March 31,.Problem Ya next fiscal year.How do you Ya important it is whether we do the next fiscal year. “.The current fiscal year has performance downward factor of total 60 billion yen, the earthquake 6 billion yen, increased costs 6 billion yen due to rare earth soaring, the yen 18 billion yen, 30 billion yen by main factory affected by the flooding in a place you go down from 900 billion yen of the original if the previous fiscal year to the “Operating profit 30 billion yen at 600 billion yen downward, Nikki remaining 70 billion.Rather than say Gujiguji this term, I wonder if watching the next fiscal year, and do Ya have to talk of 2015,16 years.I want to hear complaints of such 1 over March?The Ya heard to come tomorrow if you wanted to hear.The Ya contact the office how.”

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The factory situation by Tai flood

To some factory in some places you are back to the original, there is also a factory which produces while still a renovation, it’s completely back to the original March.Motor Thailand factory for HDD or up productivity came in a new machine by flood reconstruction of this time, by the transfer of production to the Philippines factory, a factory so far of the plant is no longer needed one three.Reborn in consumer electronics for motor factory there is demand.

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For over customers of restructuring

“When the reorganization customer is reduced happening, How Well do not do that suppliers also bullied, and.Such logic be in against weak supplier, to be talking about completely different become strong supplier.My go left is different De “strong company.Go supplier also remains strong company.One company of production and distribution costs are reduced rather increased, rather margin increases.

Next-generation motors not spent the Reaasu (SR motor)

The only problem vibration problems is the SR motor was also put into practical use is cleared.Number of specific orders have been visible from the customer, I enter into a full-fledged mass production.”It ‘s not you Onnaji story because you doing down 6 billion yen this year rare earth.It is not this say.We will change a company that does not care about the price of rare earth.Rare earths has been lowered price fell economy, but I’ll also go up sometime future, because you do cod absolute amount Nenkara.But, (and SR motor that does not use rare earth comes out), of which the Ne hoes and so not to be stiff was know the price of rare earth.”

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Thai flood that pretty damaged.However Nagamori president does not fell in just even a fall.Improved productivity in the state-of-the-art factory equipment by flood.It would be a temporary increase in cost factors, management with an eye to the future.I will be studying.Also, if the disaster insurance Orire, will be expected to some extent loss compensation.Nagamori president but is a bullish personality, the numbers look because I have the result it than do than currently expected come to upside stiff, and we look.
In addition, motor that does not use rare earths through the practical stage, the rush to mass production sales phase.After 2-3 years will keep you firmly contribute to the performance.Disaster, one hand of the attack, which took a negative factor advantage of the fact that the rare earth cost increase.It is a wonderful management to represent Japan.

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