The Korean products in such a place if you notice is?Latest situation of threatening Japanese companies “Hallyu total advance”

Recently, such as electronics stores, that have increased opportunity to eye the Korean products than before, some people have noticed would be many.There once in the function and reliability, for Korean products that did not reach far made in Japan, “the heart of the fence” of consumers now becoming low.”Made in Korea” is, are you rise in areas such as consumer electronics and entertainment, that is already widely known.However, in the feet, even in areas that did not notice until now, he major brands are increasingly biting the top in the world market.Power diagram of the global market, is changing every the domestic and overseas market for Japan aim, whether presence of Korean products is increasing how.If we once again research, was just emerged is leap also say “Hallyu total advance”.(Interview-statement / Satoshi Tomokiyo, cooperation / Techblissonline Powered by WordPress Lab)

Including consumer electronics department, a number of over-the-counter from season 2011 of the end of the year, which flourished, the fast one month.In mixed in domestic new products that are sent out at the timing of each here, Korean products also catching a tidbit eyes, was now no longer a less rare sight.

Some manufacturers, such as Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics, I seem to was not so high name recognition in Japan until a little before.Recently, however, Korean products have been penetrated to the general user.

Although long so breakthrough of Korean products is transmitted around the world of the market, once again and try to check the over-the-counter, TV, refrigerator, such as washing machine, reasonable to be seen than certainly made in Japan.The especially prominent, it’s a flat-screen TV.

When I compared the price of certain major retailers, while the Toshiba 42-inch LCD TV terrestrial · BS · 110 degree CS tuner built-in type is sold 11 million units, South Korea · LG-made electronics almost the same spec 42-inch is divided by ¥ 100,000.

Compared such as fine of a liquid crystal resolution accuracy, would not product also less likely tactics rises in domestic products.Still, the folding of the recession that many users would have put the price at the top of the considerations, this difference is large.

Already TV market in the world, Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics are Gyuji~tsu the first place and second place share.In the past, it is but the two companies that withdrew from the Japanese market of excessive competition, LG Electronics plays a re-entry into the 2010, was reported to be looking to Samsung Electronics also re-entry recently.Koreans are expected to go the future in the Japanese market, stretched steadily share.

Due to reaction of terrestrial digital broadcasting full transition rush demand that occurred during, shipments of Japanese television, since last fall, continues below the previous month.Korean products have continued to rise in bit by bit and market to poke the gap, the anxiety factor for Japanese manufacturers 1 Tsuda.

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