Shakes on the reverse is a “seismic isolation structure” typhoon reduced to shaking fifth of earthquake

The research team of the University of Tokyo Earthquake Research Institute summarizes the estimates of the “M7-class capital epicentral earthquake occurs in 70% of probability within four years”.Some that are not standing than a year from the Great East Japan Earthquake, I mean that the threat of a new earthquake is being approached in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

Although the Great East Japan Earthquake was enormous damage caused by the tsunami, in the case of a direct-type earthquake, building damage and fire is a concern.The strength of the building where the important thing is.Most of the houses that were destroyed in the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, it was something that was built the strength to withstand about seismic intensity 6 to seismic standards and it was in June 1981 before.However, Mr. Kazuaki Ito of disaster prevention information mechanism chairman referred to as “building which was built in June 1981 before Japan still remains even 30%”.

Some “earthquake resistance becomes insufficient, this building may lead to collapse and greater than intensity 6 upper.You can us to conduct seismic diagnosis for free by local governments, also where it is provided with a system that will assist in the cost for reinforcement.Anxious would be good to try to talk to once municipality “(Mr. Ito)

However, does not mean none same strength if that was built on the basis of the new seismic standards.Big difference comes out by the structure of the building called “seismic” “seismic” “seismic isolation” If you choose an apartment.Detailed Keiko Inoue in earthquake disaster in the first-class architect explained.

“Seismic structure is most popular earthquakes is thicker or pillars, which increase the strength of the building itself is increased or the rebar.But you can prevent the damage of the building, but it does not prevent shaking itself.

Next is a damping structure are used in many apartment tower, which technique of attaching a damper to act as a spring to suppress the shaking buildings.To sway with the wind and I effective but, shaking of the earthquake is not only slightly reduce.

The most effective of the seismic isolation structure to shaking of an earthquake.The intended to put rubber on the base portion of the building, is reduced to about one to five minutes shaking the top of the building 3 minutes during an earthquake, ”

If Rarere suppressed shaking, of course you finish it even less damage to the building, it is possible to reduce the loss of household reduced possibility of injury by furniture fall.However, not only such seismic isolation structure also benefits.Representative, Kunisaki Nobue’s crisis management education institute speak this.

“It depends on the size of the building, but to be installed on average, about 50 million yen, and is said to take about ¥ 30,000 per year in maintenance.Also will come to affect the rent and administrative expenses a rent.In addition, seismic isolation’m also weaknesses that would sway large at the time of strong winds, such as typhoon ”

※ women Seven February 9, 2012 issue