Marriage with Yuriko Yoshitaka bandsman direct appeal

Starring movie of currently published in “Robo-G” (Toho) also box office is strong.Have drifted distinguished presence among the young actresses, Yuriko Yoshitaka (23) also abandon of private life is one of the attractive.That said, it is too mischievousness, ‥‥ in just as the surrounding is also brandished.


In this magazine issue January 19, was introduced sightings of Yoshitaka that was drinking last November early in the tavern of Tokyo Nakameguro.

Was drunk bright Yoshitaka is, “Hey, when was sex?”Or” I like the I! “I was doing three days before, and he had a Bodacious lower body remark.

Although not clear whether its tail opponent, it is a popular band · flumpool bassist Genki Amakawa of (27) She’s currently dating.

This band, a popular band that played in NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen consecutive 09,10 and 2 years.

Entertainment reporter to commentary.

“Acquaintance 2 people with co-star in the music program in July 09, dating has started in Takeshi approach from Yoshitaka.But also had that was reported the staying date in the following year, the office that two people are both belong denied a devoted relationship.In particular, Amakawa that in the form you have dabbled in sign actress will have heard that was laid the coals from the office. ”

Such Yoshitaka was published the hand connection site of the actor Toma Ikuta (27) last summer, photo magazine.Dating and Amakawa already completed or originally wonder there was no relationship.

To know the circumstances, the agency officials talk.

“The article was one that was taken a state in which playing until the morning of six men and women.In addition to the two people, Takaoka Sosuke, Yuika Motokariya, it had been reported that the Kanna Mori had, only one of the men appeared to the general public, it has been posted in the eyes filled.However, the man what I was Amakawa (laughs).Executive office who read article if you “finally parting was whether” the peace of mind, seems to have surprised because it was Amakawa buy ”

Or far from you broke up, two of passion Do not say I just flare up.

“Yoshitaka that marriage also be taken into the field of view, it is referred to as being in drastic pace of work in order to increase the time to meet with Amakawa.Repeatedly from the office of the executive, and to have been persuaded “Wakarero for future”, it has no ears to hear at all, it seems to have started saying that it is “quit work if you can not get married.”.When office also Hayamara is to troubled, gone choice but to wait and see “(before de office officials)

Only to At-kerakan To Yoshitaka you show off Furunudo, you might pull off a “blitz marriage” very easily.
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