[Entertainment vitamin ♪] can not be free love understanding? Now 43-year-old, Naoko Iijima.The willingness to remarry?

Actress Naoko Iijima of, is divorced and divorced rock band TUBE of Nobuteru Maeda in 2001.Her is a television program, talked about remarriage anxious.

Iijima Naoko, and appeared in “5LDK” broadcast January 26 (Fuji TV), answered questions about love that after the drama of being broadcast in the current agency “second love from last”.

Iijima also drama starring “second love from last” is the theme free love of which are not tied adults to get married.On this theme Iijima first, reveal that the “first well Sure did,” he could not understand about the free love and.

But you are talking about the past of marriage as “young I thought you do not want to be bound by marriage.”.Also to marry TUBE of Nobuteru Maeda in 1997 Speaking of Iijima, and divorce in 2001.Then, of there were adoring coverage of the Kabukicho of the original number one host younger 13-year-old, is also currently in the single.

That such Iijima prefer men has changed in the past and.Iijima that have been asked about the type of men in the same program, the old days bulls men replied that it was a favorite wild.

Iijima himself, to look back on their own it was a woman like keep up with from behind.But exactly called type male different currently, it was revealed that has changed is love view overlaid years.

And then, “And you sure that you want to get married?”And for remarriage anxious, were When asked to Matsuoka Masahiro of TOKIO as” Do not say if there are may partner taking a year “a positive feeling in the mouth.Even now that it has become 43 years of age, Iijima having the inferior unexpected beauty.May close day to the remarriage.
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