Salary of men is not growth – wasting time?

Salary of men is not growth.In addition, the number of working men as non-regular employees that continues to grow.On the other hand, women’s healthy even while good social advancement of women is delayed in Japan.

In the industry to work with me, it appears that women’s participation in society in such a way has become prominent in the field of women can exert more power in the feeling that women Speaking of business.In addition, coverage of each company and are striving to create an environment for women to work comfortably than or increase the female managers to take advantage from the ability of women unending.

Of course, it is possible to positively influence the economic growth goes without saying that the rise in the labor force over the medium to long term.However, women’s took the job from a man while at the same time also it would be fact.

I want you to look at the graph below.

Is a graph of the United States advanced from early social advancement of women more or less.

The graph above GDP per capita blue.Red middle-income men.Is a middle-income women in red GDP per capita blue under.

Income of women continues to grow until 2000, while it is a plateau in the 1970s income growth of men at a glance.

The first place, I can say that the labor force participation rate for women has risen is a major cause.In addition, men have been crowding out the popularization of higher education of women are willing.I considered various reasons such as the proportion of jobs that require (difficult for a woman) or the physical strength that men will is good or reduced, such job has moved overseas.

Future, a similar tendency will increase more and more in Japan and in any.It’s going to be a great era for men ….

※ graph in the text quoted from The Crisis in Male Wages.

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