“Historic” controversy and is now the top priority of the controversy consumption tax increase or deflation

About consumption tax, it seems the epidemic is that recently “go down in history,” the controversy.

As responsibility for future generations, is now the largest point we should discuss, whether to raise taxes and to not escape the deflation, it is that.

It is it in if it is assumed that “leave to history,” First “should learn to history”.

Whether fiscal consolidation was on track in the consumption tax increase in ’97 Hashimoto administration?Than is failed.The reason lies in the deflation.Because of deflation is to stop the economic growth, not increasing pie, and than is frustrated was not increased tax revenue.

“Historic” and controversy, now top priority policy issue of, there consumption tax increase, or because such to be a deflation of the controversy, the last is a muscle and have them decide their priorities in public opinion.

Liberal Democratic Party should challenge the dispute with Noda regime to the original crisp flag of “consumption tax increase NO, deflation top priority of deflation”.