Apartment owners, restaurant, gym management etc two pairs of straw sandals before hit! Entertainer sideline circumstances

“Amano Kung’m very good asset management.For example, better that you buy an apartment rent 65,000 yen or obtained, more of rent is I was thinking from the time obtained or, young terrible the sort of thing.He and payment of one hotels th end, I’m Omoitatsu more of large condominium purchase in two hotels first.He is one of the few comedians that were affected by the collapse of Lehman Brothers and Greece shock ”

Was broadcast the other day “Ametoku! “In the (TV Asahi), was been Barasa a real estate investment of sideline from Udo Suzuki accidentally partner is, of Kyaeen Hiroyuki Amano.However, entertainers work hard to asset management and sideline is not a story that was only Amano.

Under the influence of the Lehman shock, and the head was coming out on the radio the Ken suffered a heavy loss of about become pure white, the Hikariura of Oashizu Yasuko.While she is shed the majority of savings you have accumulated over the years to encourage the banker, it would be in dollars, at a rapid appreciation of the yen after the Lehman shock, that was heavy loss.”I was saying Tatte 10 million grinded Rieko’s Nishihara cartoonists FX, at all no big deal When compared to me,” the amount is enough to Guchiru and.Thereafter we have erosion assets at increasingly accelerated yen, and Toka he perfectly salted state is now.

Although luxury condominium does not go with as Amano, ocular Courtesan Speaking of surprising entertainer you Kuitsunagu apartment management.It’s one hit wonder entertainer that are no longer apparent only in “That person now” by now “Entertainment of God” (NTV) annual income several tens of million is the time that it was a huge hit in the appearance.But he future was anxiety from those days, one buildings buying an apartment used.That even now that income in the entertainment activity decreased sharply, are obtained earnings of the month 30 several tens of thousand as landlord.

Also as entertainer sideline of, but restaurant management that a classic than real estate.

“In the past the entertainer that do snacks and bar was despised in dirt and shade, now is not that kind of era.That words such as bloom in business lecture also in the dressing room “labor costs” Yara “depreciation” flurry also …… “(medium-sized entertainer A)

Himself Kenji Tamura that the story often on television is not only the familiar roasted meat shop, also start teppanyaki shop.Once foot traffic away with food poisoning turmoil also has been increasing again.Hong Kong engaged in okonomiyaki shop in Ginza a prime location, but the penalty-Hide, entertainers in delicious of the hormone pot often Tokyo Dynamite honey Jiro reputation such as a fan with even eateries four stores around Gotanda with solid management skills.

However, similar to the entertainment world, waves restaurant management large Hayarisutari is not uncommon also be heavy loss.Monjayaki of “Seiji Chihara bars and Takahiro Azuma deficit management.Just has become out unexpected comedians of bytes ahead of bud, and junior you are grateful to Futari there chivalrous spirit is often “(young entertainer B), entertainer of the shop, has become a hot exchange of place making money not only often also.

Real estate investment, foreign currency investment, Speaking of eateries management, maximum of success is, no doubt it is Shinsuke Shimada who retired last year.However, risky minute, the that it was dabbling in building management of large auction property and downtown margins, had to strengthen the ties with underworld certainly.

Also small and medium-young comedians who raise the heat to the business, only fellowship with outlaw such as Shinsuke is one in which I want to avoid.
(Statement = Peeping Tom Sawyer)

(※ Image: “Become bound bitten by a dog entertainer you are selling Kenji Tamura of Tokyo !!” / Written by: Kenji Tamura / bamboo Shobo)

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