Baseball joint Jishutore, Abe faction surface also giant largest faction factions making

Tomorrow, professional baseball Spring Training starts.Voluntary training to do before camp, but in recent years the trend to carry out a “joint Jishutore” in some of the fellow.

and “We need a partner to catch the ball, money does it take you borrow the ground alone.Players hire a personal trainer and practice partner but is an exception, most of the young players is this pattern “(sports newspaper reporter)

Generally fielder each other of the same team, but gather in the pitcher each other, the most popular of the that’s way veteran players invites promising young.For example, Tatsunori Hara Giant coach playing days, Kaoru Okazaki in Izu-Shuzenji, Masahiro Kawai, Yoshimura TadashiAkira, the Jishutore by collecting Shinichi Murata implementation.In the case of these combinations, often veteran will bear the cost of all worth.

The Taishi Ota of young promising Shinnosuke captain of Abe in this year of giants, Tetsuya Utsumi Ace was invited Shun and Sawamura Tsubuseichi Higashino.Because in this style there is a face of “creating factions within the team.”.Reveal a giant number reporter.

Largest faction Abe of “giant.Since food and living expenses’s all Abe retention, and is like the God for low annual salary young.Guts (Michihiro Ogasawara) school that also has to, but here will join the relationship of good Sanematsu Kazunari from from age Nichihamu is, did on practice very hard from 9 am until 6:00 at night, and drink it as night bathed.Competitors has become from beginning to exhausted (laughter) ”

If you look from the young players, is not otherwise be left and right in the future Who me invite.

Mind should not a care in the “when it comes to off” someone is invited from the beginning to Abe “.Monetary benefit is, of course, but if accustomed to little brother of the captain that is trusted from the original director, and Will believes that something is good circumstances, even since the beginning of the season.

Previously it has been doing Jishutore led the faction like the same Yoshinobu Takahashi, nearly crippling state or because of the recent slump.For young, it is anyone’s precious Shosei surgery or to participate in the Jishutore “(same before)

※ Shukan Post February 10, 2012 issue