30 employees have been deprived of their work! There is no things to do, but salary leave

To OKWave of Q & A site, this consultation had listed.In the company of questioner of Vitoria’s friends, a big uproar has happened.Part of the work that employees have played far, I had been suddenly transferred to the order with outside companies.

Was taken up the work, about 30 people from 20 people.Because it is people who have been involved in the company’s core business, it does not hide the shock.Since the salary there is no work of those that do not change, it is that “it is painful to go to every day company, likely to depression”.

Subcontractor to want to “dismissal” of involuntary recently appointed management team had been enrolled earlier, of large companies affiliates.Cost down seems to be nominal, but the “adhesion of the former club” also I will suspect.

Questioner Mr., the way of such company is referred to as a “waste of money”, “company (employees) to pay the gracefully something month of salary, should be to dismissal” has upset the.The “It’s mentally cornered to go harassment employees” also I have pointed out.

Although it is hot sued just like that of his own, from the respondents had pointed out that “simply not a harassment only there is no work.”.

Without giving the “work, on the other hand you can blame the incompetence to himself in, if there is a behavior, such as forcing the retirement, depending on the way you come out the possibility of power harassment.Now the situation is because I get a salary even without you think “work to the paternalistic specific treatment to reverse (abbreviation), it is profitable to some think will.However, looking at the working group of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare announced on January 30, 2012 “six types of power harassment”, in addition to such as mental, physical attack, item “too small request” contains.

The rationality of the business rather than, “What you tell the extent of the low work” was far from the ability and experience and “that it does not give the work” also, that it that can be a power harassment.This case also, there is no problem because the salary is paid, and you may not be.

Eirnewb’s “work is what you make it yourself” of whether But respondents, the employees side who are in the passive also says that there is a problem.”Not given to the work, and is what makes.And also work to think about the things that become something beneficial for the company.If could awaited time, but what if you also considered things like that?”Work what makes your own, and is common advice in Q & A site.There is also the opinion that “natural earns three times his salary”.

Certainly on the calculations will be so, but I think that is obtained in all occupations.If you directly sentenced to subordinates, you might would be protest Maybe it is assumed equivalent to the “excessive demand” of the “power harassment 6 types”.

That said, it is gone quit in self convenience and angry, it is pot you think the company.There was also opinion that should I use the extra time to “self-study”.

“The human resources that are needed, such as-class in other companies, might better is that trying to become actively” (Mr. 14,289,972) to this advice, Mr. questioner Thank “Thank you.The simplistic and, to the study of national qualification test, “he ended up inadvertently answer.Apparently, not the friend of trouble, it sounds like was that of his own.