Daylight saving time of the company is not eco-

Before the power of summer anxiety by primary problem, Japanese companies began to introduce daylight saving time system..
First, daylight saving time is referred to as the “Daylight Saving Time = DST” in the United States.It’s sometimes referred to as “system time to save the sun” when literally, but when is this little “?I “.Who said, “time system that effectively utilize the daylight hours” would be easy to understand.And because in accordance with the energy method, which is one of the Federal law applies to U.S. statewide basically.
It is said that the idea of ​​DST, has been proposed as a method of Benjamin Franklin to save the candle in the 18th century (1700s).But it begins not to be performed at this time, in Germany and UK World War I under to have been carried out in succession for the purpose of saving resources in 1916.It was for the first time in 1918 in the United States but, immediately interrupted by a very unpopular at this time, there are circumstances that you revived during World War II and then.
Well, DST is in effect in the United States 49 states with the exception of Hawaii in the United States the current, but, in fact, has not been implemented in almost all Arizona.Although not doing well on the island of the Caribbean, such as US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.Because, DST is because the effect is exiting what to do in the area of ​​high latitudes where daylight hours of summer and winter is very different.

Implementation of DST The current practice in the forward one hour all at once the hands of the clock at 2:00 am on March 1st Sunday every year, and that, back one hour at 2:00 am on November 1st Sunday.When it is Japanese sense, daylight saving time (DST) seems like a special system for only a few months of “summer”, but, in fact, more than half of one year’s has been operating in daylight saving time.On the other hand, it is like turning the calendar for Americans has continued to this much since I was born, and I remember “Spring Forward, (fall back spring to advance) Fall Back.” As the idiom and are.That said, the world around them because that’s move Te hour shift in the boundary of a certain timing, various trouble happens when you absent-minded.(See “! Your attention to daylight saving time” ※)

Well, I wonder what kind of a feeling you enter the DST.Is 9:00 in the morning daylight saving time (DST) is 10 o’clock in the morning in the winter time.It is that they have to get an hour earlier, it would not keep up with the world the day switching to DST.It is also that work and that ends before 1 hour.Latitude because high in New York, daylight hours work effectively DST long especially during the summer months.Even in a state of DST, 5 o’clock morning dawn as long as mid-June, about 8:30 sunset.If left in the winter time, this means you are out to work quite date from getting high, daylight hours in the morning’s waste.In addition, the bright 3 hours or more still if you’re done work at 5:00 pm.In (New York, company to closing at 5:00 pm is not too much overtime many.And it is not necessary with a lighting just that by working to firm) days during sleep also from becoming one hour earlier.This means that electricity bill but not being able to save.
According to the website of the U.S. Department of the Interior studies in the 1970s, the amount of energy is decreased 1% by performing the DST.Only 1% of?You might think, but it’s what a lot of it is converted to electricity usage in the United States.In addition, DST he became about a month further extended from 2007, but the electricity consumption that decreased 0.5 percent average in the United States by this.However, I want to pay attention to the opinion if you are not going to be that power saving, a.Because, it is the presence was not anticipated by the time we started the DST of “air conditioner”.The hot if brighter “.I spend that much air conditioning.With that said, “the more energy saving effect would fade summer becomes a hot area.In some cases, it has also been reported electricity consumption would increase rather.Than the amount of power it is to save power without the lighting, the amount of power the air conditioning of minutes activity time during the day has increased more than he is.

However, the major objective of the DST is “effective use of daylight hours” does not talk about than just “energy saving”.Lifestyle and national identity, economic activity of both American’s related.It is written this way to the web site of the United States Department of the Interior as well.[Daylight saving time of the company is not in eco] I read more

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