The topic Miyagi Prefecture Onagawa of temporary housing is to be “beyond the area of ​​temporary”

For the victims had been washed away their homes in the tsunami caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake that occurred on March 11 last year, state of temporary housing development that has been carried out in the affected areas are reported in msn Sankei News, large net bulletin board I call the topic.In the article, in the temporary housing that Miyagi Prefecture Onagawa was established, introduces the “utilizes a sturdy shipping container, faced by traditional one-story temporary housing” condensation “and” neighbor’s sound “has been greatly reduced.” to have.In addition, turn the image of the temporary housing that has been reported in such TV, photograph of like an ordinary apartment has also been published.When this article is introduced to the net bulletin board, the voice of surprise and “invisible to temporary housing” after another.Besides, such as also “Do’s comfort likely to live than poor apartment” “Do not be another permanent” and “comfortable too much is difficult now likely out”, there were numerous comments admire.In addition, “donations and fund-raising is to be used for incense said applications.Johnny’s office’ll not the case you are called panda from China “, etc., collected is not used for direct assistance to victims donations, to Johnny’s office that you are trying to attract panda over the several billion yen There was also one-act that criticism is Mushikaesa.[Related information] 2,3-story temporary is very popular condensation and linker of sound, Ken Miyagi not bother (msn Sankei News), Miyagi of temporary housing is not visible in temporary housing (livedoor Blog)