business terms OL-catching “win-win”, “main base”, etc.

Here two years well talk of hear “popular with 40s men women in their 20s.”.In fact, some in the survey, 20 to 30-something woman who answered to be even older than 10 years “consisting love interest” seems to have nearly 60%.Well even I, a Ikigomu you! They also do not mean that the “older if anyone”.OL us 5 people talked.

* * *
Miki (IT · 26 years of age): salmon drink and preaching system, past saga system, I’m ya staple also of running to body touch system.Made up coming to morose the chest at the elbow.

Hilo (retail and 24 years of age): at a party, “recently not been at all Bog Gehaha ~” or Oe even come to speak juvenile Toka normally sexual harassment “Dehehe – that it is not doing wife and years.”.

Nana (trading company, 30 years of age): I, on the other hand, those of father coming pandering to young people in the Toka words of fashion ya! You can not afford to eat “Now Suites?”Or Is the ~.

Miki: European writing is seriously Gross.”How about it to Compliance basis?”Or” This is when the one in the win-win “or” geek listen to the’m saying is Nante I “because it is partners teamed Alliance, and withered Geki me Usan odor ~.

Etsu (manufacturing and 29 years old): that’s katakana system, I word me “hundred-based” uncle favorite is quite like.You know, “honest-based, if by Kore?”Or, and or” ask seriously-based “, Now or” at the main base is this. “.

Chika (medical and 29 years of age): The Toko that mean the main base is mapped twice funny.

Miki: At the same Speaking of typical uncle not cool, and probably father gag you too bad.

Yue: Yes? And the is cute no twist Hitohineri? When I asked the steamed clams go Uchi of section chief and tavern During this time, “came Kai (shellfish) I was” or you had to say is I was funny I.

Nana: During this time of gag inner director was also middle people.In drinking, “I, when a junior high school student, Courage is small” and Is the have been told me chicken guy “” by coming out me.In the meantime, when I asked fast food at a convenience store, Even “Customer-of boneless chicken!” And called me “~ I’m was something amazing sad”.Had Dokkan a receiving.

Hilo: masochistic gag be said uncle I’m looking cool.

※ Shukan Post February 10, 2012 issue