If you feel you have become a major deep rumors … next is that the moderator disappear?

Declared in outspoken remarks, as popular as it is said to that there is no person who is not known in the Kansai, palm came was Ie-jin is, the other day of January 31, the long-term absence from work because of his illness.Continued on Shinsuke Shimada-san, to step down tycoon moderator, referred to in the industry is struggling to support how fill His missing the hole.

To begin with, palm came was Ie-jin is you have professed not appeared in Tokyo TV show, but because you can look at the program that also his appearance in the Kanto, substantially His influence national constituency.His order program, which is also popular Dell, seems to want to have at least until spring of program reform period, but he must not have quite qualified that.

That in some reports, to the palm can have Ie-jin is personally, to some famous free announcer X, but says committed the heir of his crown program, the upper part of each station is cautious appointment of X.Large womanizing even, X is say.Although fuss the entertainment industry at large scandal also the other day, while the relationship who knows the inner workings “I think finally whether Bale was”, it’s so I thought it as “well hidden until now passed,”.In fact X is faster pretty hand, within the industry, the story of a mistress there are multiple has been whispered plausibly.

However, male announcer just not in public, but the majority who are having a love affair, such as trouble is that.As regards to the prevention of NHK-born intellectual image, there is a suspicion that surrounds to Nantes also six mistress.That in about the same for him there is a mistress suspicion and multiple illegitimate child alleged.

That executives of the quasi-key station of Kansai, reason reluctant to put the X to be the heir of Ie-jin that came palm is just here.X also may be made in the Kansai was popular, it was a quite Tokyo advance is not a person, it seems it is the truth that the advance was Mamanaranaka~tsu to those of “notoriety” that womanizing had arrived earlier in the Kanto.

Anyway, missing Shinsuke Shimada-san et al., Moderator riding ride is not only X.Really, what he is able to significantly increase the exposure this while!? I want to focus on the future.