Also worn by celebrities! I watch “made in silicon” is very popular in the United States?

“Rumba TIME (rumba time)” has landed in Japan hit wristwatch that “has sold 200,000 in the United States”! In Japan, “fashionable watch” casual has become a hot topic such as online shopping is, likely caused a sensation in Japan and for the summer so far.

[Image] brilliant! 8 point of product image, such as neon pink

After all, the point of this list is that they watch stylish, at an affordable price.For example, the digital type “Rumba Time ORIGINAL2.0” is 1980 yen is really dial! casual feeling any number align the color, you’ll want to coordinate in the mood for that day’s a charm.

Yellow or red, and green, the color variations as well, really rich.By seven colors are aligned with each series.For example, a series of popular “Rumba Time LAFAYETTE”, yellow and neon pink and be “overlaid with” what color, dressy face is it useful items to get used to fashion experts at a stretch for a woman.

In addition, the place is not a rubber material, “silicon medical” friendly’s being used on the skin as well I am glad that.Highly elastic, comfortable with the smooth.It’s perfect for the person who skin and any metal allergy worries.

Deployed in three types are sold this time this “rumba TIME”.It is a sale or cycling-based fashion Marui in select shop of goods at “low Tate Store”.In this case, the feature “Rumba Time BROADWAY” (3980 yen), analog clock of delicate form thick belt that is wrapped around the face and Guru~tsu “Rumba Time ORIGINAL2.0″ and (¥ 1,980), the arm of digital type ” Rumba Time LAFAYETTE “(3980 yen) is developed.

Since the day-to-day life waterproof, or a rainy day, and also a hot day when it is easy to sweat is most suitable for “rumba TIME”.Its lightness, functionality, from stylish, fashionistas who athletes and also such as know and love abroad.Public relations company also hallmark “any design, is recommended regardless of gender” and.Anyone looking for a nice wristwatch Try check it out! [Tokyo Walker]

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