S · Ramos, of shock that was witnessed in the Real joined 7 year truth “have created a monster.”

Spain representative DF Sergio Ramos of R · Madrid, for the severity of GK Casillas of training of team mate, revealed while sprinkled with jokes at their own Twitter.

“Today, in the seventh year by joining the R · Madrid, was the first time I saw! It anymore incredible training contents where Casillas are in the gym.It may be that was the obligation middle, and that practice has been understanding and I’m created a monster. ”

On the other hand, Casillas having received this, was also answers witty in its Tsu~itta.

“I was sent in forcibly special gym this morning.Some there is no machine that was observed at all until now, even if there were really scared.’S limit is three times even a lifetime to practice over there! ”

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