“Journey 11.4 billion yen of lunar 7 days to go in the Soyuz” for two persons Reservations

The “I came, the era of space travel” and Hatori Shinichi caster and.To say that space travel, this time of introduction, to stay a few minutes in zero gravity space, it’s not something cheesy that I say come back.It is the authentic all round coming orbiting the moon that.

American companies are planning anything, American companies engaged in space travel, in a pack travel plan space Adventures has announced, that it will be conducted in five years.Although it was unknown, such as fine schedule in the program, it’s seems journey of seven days to go in the Soyuz.

11.4 billion yen of the price anxious surprise.But “it is considerably high by” and Hatori is sharpen the mouth, the world in wide thing, that already participate seekers two people are.

Whether they signed up is what people on earth.I place to be worried about, but I do not tell “.And I tried to up the phone, but was that of a hard guard is a hard company “(Komatsu Yasushi Ana).