50s woman boss “You virgin?I will ask the “

To OKWave of Q & A site, this consultation had listed.Pisko’s questioner, female company employee of 22-year-old.As a result of participating in the drinking session of about 10 people in the workplace, it is now a private story.

So where it was inadvertently answered, “people who like not many years”, the never was “Kiss from a woman boss of 50s?”” Is there a thing that I hand in hand?”” It’s nowadays no experience was I have been told that the old yo “.

Although the contained the sake Even “poor me there are no favorite person”, but became quite unpleasant, seniors “It Yo is sexual harassment,” there also gave us the Tasukebune and, ambiguous and reply I was a.

It the other day, while you have a chat with the boss is close audience while at work, was again the topic is brought up.Suddenly from the audience “pisko Mr. virgin?It was “as was heard.

When are solidified surprised to, the boss is “Today I’m a virgin?(Laughs) “,” Listen and man me now ‘s virgin will have stuck with such poor “What must not have Hikuwayo” “favorite person.

Speaking Admit, certainly love experience is small, and even that was going out with men, it is actually a virgin.But, you say something like that thing in that also have another staff, what going to a.

Although questioner’s is called “Please tell me if there is way to parry the sexual harassment”, you should think about “How discourage” than this harassment parry.

Speaking of sexual harassment, but has decided uncle and market, and surely aunt and ….From the respondents of the ladies, has raised voice to condemn the woman boss.

The “Osoru Beshi !!! 50s woman sexual harassment boss!”
“A bad man boss woman After reading in thought that’s boss, twice surprised”
“Vulgar! Such questions, is useless After the other party.Even a virgin in the “22-year-old also from you until you Become a vulgar” man you answered, I and encouragement by! “Is not drawn (?Has been submitted voice).

“Snapping turtle never ate, the same” R48’s respondents “hired a lawyer and retired unless useless personnel, let’s take the alimony” “I get to have fired the boss” You are angry with.

However, from the atmosphere of the consultation, it does not seem to be on a scale of company you have HR exclusive.Complaining to quit the company, there is anxiety may take how much of your money.

Mr. hinagiku2 about how dodged the boss, you have advice with examples of specific words.But, but I feel it is not a boss flinch to answer “Iyan! SHI ~ or etch Questions’m not good – shame”.sunsowl Mr., says the best to reverse question to boss.

Would not want to talk “boss their own experience.So, either the “woodpeckernkd’s not kindly that’ll stuck, as not directed to the dangerous” boss route “in the drinking session, proposed a method to keep finding the Moriagareru topic from daily with other seniors you.This would be practical.On top of that, you do not mind the words of the boss we are also important and advice.

“Unpleasant feelings you can see really, but there is no need to or damaged.Just simply because it is the story of just did not come is such opportunity.Have you eaten “soft-shelled turtle?”The” no yo ~ “.It ‘is this level (laughs) “