Since last year “琉絆 empty” and influenced by the name of “Yuisoraino” etc. earthquake increase

“△ □ one”, “Tsukiyumeanzu” “love love”, etc., none can not read easily in kana, the so-called “sparkling name” is just continue to increase.Nurse of woman who works in Tokyo pediatric says this.

“In the inner, the But your child’s name was determined to be referred to by full name, recently too many names that can not be read, it was said that” I say just another surname “from teacher (laughs)”

Currently, in kanji that can be used to name combined kanji and kanji names, but some 2997 font, there is no limit to how to read the name.For example, the popular boy’s name “DaiSho” also “Hiroto, and spring, Yamato, Taiga ……” and, reading the infinite variety.Longer name even also is “obfuscation Kanji”.

But Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance announced “born by year Name Survey” latest edition (2011 born), aligned rich sparkling name imagination.

Since 2011 feature is that it has been affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake.But boy Glitter name “Rukia”, 2009 born “琉星” but there has been a hit, last year born “琉絆 empty”.Such as girls “Aoikizuna (bond)” is ranked, the character of “bonds” was noticeable.

Other than “prayer → Yuisoraino (Yurato / boy)”, “prayer → Inoai (Noah / girl)”, such as “edge → En-shi (Jiangxi / boy)”, with people of the earthquake is ” ties “,” prayer “has been put in the name of the reconstruction.

By the way, in 1912 of 100 years ago and see the names of the men (1912 – 1912) was born in Best 10 (Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance survey), the first place “Shoichi”.It was a name that what half of the best 10 enters the “positive”.

Name that take the “positive” is to the top ten for 15 years until 1926, in the name of the boy last year born, the ranking out of range.With the times, the name is the transitory, the changing.

※ Shukan Post February 17, 2012 issue