Self bankruptcy though it was ¥ 600,000 monthly income! Pretentious personality has led to tragedy of “generous bubble’s”

“Bubble’s” of when viewed from the surrounding “troubled man” and is branded easy bubble generation, of leeway generation “clear-chan”.In our series, intended for such two generations, will continue to research and should build the “Ice Age-kun” (or any other generation) Gado smooth human relationship of employment ice age generation.Dear Mr. bubble, clear-chan, I want you to watch at whether warm eyes.And in the Ice Age-kun is a comrade, please refer to when you deal with the boss and subordinates that does not meet all means of thinking.

T’s this time of your opponent glacial generation 34-year-old security company working.However, talk of the subject is not his own, but bubble-san was the former boss (O’s, 46-year-old).Personality is also good, and put all the reign If you go for a drink, generous of O’s that had Ogo~tsu to taxi up to the home of junior and subordinate.But such O-san, that had what self-bankruptcy two years ago.Whether the O’s never salary also was not bad, got why led to personal bankruptcy.This time, for the circumstances, I had talked to T’s.

[‘s This bubble]
O’s (44-year-old in 2010 time)
Last Education: Bachelors Degree
Industry: security company
Occupation: Human Resources
Born: Unknown
Yokohama resident (2010 point, is currently unknown)
Marriage: his wife, son, daughter

– This time, transformed from elite salaryman, please let a story of O’s bubble generation that had been driven into bankruptcy.

O’s was once my boss, but sometimes it was also serves as a teaching engagement in human resources, there was a relationship from joining the beginning.O Mr. always cheerful, it was our company’s mood maker.Though bubble generation says Nante have been hated, O Mr. Very gently while its generation, it is anyone was also equally gentle.

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