Unhealthy (?) Life and prefectural income

※ This article is not intended for the purpose of such indications of academic content and problems.The Toka I think can also be seen like this, please see top of please acknowledge per its because it is the extent to say that the I’m interesting to see this.

Overview of the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey to Look the other day the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of the web site 2010 National Health and Nutrition survey results have been up.For this, it is now some hot topic around the Doraneko, that easy to appear trend undesirable for enough lifestyle, etc. are less household income among them was has attracted attention.

National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey overview can be seen here

→ http://www.mhlw.go.jp/stf/houdou/2r98520000020qbb.html

From the results summary of p32

The relationship of the above income and lifestyle, Funny Why do not you side by side with the prefectural income of somehow per capita by looking at the situation * 1 is generally used for the prefectures are obesity and major lifestyle in Chapter 2 p34-39 I felt that so.

This is why in, I tried to those with a prefectural income rank in prefectures of ranking (top 10 or worst 10) are shown in Table for the content associated with an item of income and lifestyle.I have been ordered value from low prefecture for vegetables intake and the number of steps.Data of prefectural income we have to reference the 2008 Prefectural economic calculation by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications has made.

The proportion of obese persons

Percentage of Tochigi Prefecture of obese people you are a little surprising feeling, but I seem to tend to be a lot of people of overweight in the north and south.The income and obesity in p32 is not equipped with ★ is, but it is interesting has come out trend differently as try side by side with the prefectural income.

Vegetable intake

We have shown in order from low intake prefecture, but intake top is Nagano Prefecture.There is no ginger is absolutely worried that another than the relationship with the prefectural income.

The vegetable intake of Udon Prefecture is low, I think of it is concerned you have to live on noodles?This Doraneko to be a very big problem let’s point out.Is the urgent development of vegetables plenty of noodles recipe.Let her Good luck for those who of Agri Scientist.

Number of steps

Same number of steps also is less prefecture order and vegetables.Doraneko is what you walked every day to the station when I was living before Tokyo, but since moving to Aomori Prefecture now move in most also commuting and a little shopping car, … stomach also dive Mofumofu.Well, just to live personally at the time of the utmost I wonder if not bring myself to Toka health walk.

Percentage of subjects that are currently habitually smoking

Also, I’m not related story and income, I think I’m smoking rates of pregnant women in the survey with Aomori Prefecture was more than 10%.I or was greater prefecture of it about smokers.

Percentage of drinking habits’s

I think you have to drink after all if there is a delicious drink in local.It prefecture of revenue to make a delicious drink seems to be in either the means and low tendency.However, as devoted many times the same prefecture name from a little while ago ….


Why do not you find out think so, Is not Tottori Aomori, Miyagi has also appeared five times.Also income rank any number of times appeared four times more than the county is I’m a below # 30.

In lineup of prefectures not appeared contrary to it will what.I tried side by side in the income rank order.

It seems there is a tendency percentage of people who have a well that is unlikely lifestyle too much body less in the apparently high-income county.Whether it’s a thing by what factors I think that there is a need to be verified separately from this for fun.If, if the poverty is concerned, poverty measures I will be a valid health measures.Redistribution of income is not rough to mere dole purpose, also I thought to be related to per this such thing.

* 1: The people in the table Health and Nutrition Examination Survey comes with a bar that represents the 95% confidence interval of the mean value, but it is based only on the order of the average value in this table.