Authentic sound for Celebrity

When Listen carefully with his eyes closed, a sense of reality of modern jazz bands, such as playing live at the ear.If you reached the cymbals of the drum, to a small metallic sound ticking is handed down to hearing.Kataya piano played by Duke Ellington brings a tasteful anything sounding analog.These are whether the sound of the performance of the real, and whether the sound it is reproduced by the audio, such as CD, and divide Kiki difficult anymore.The reality of the sound quality of this much, I do not know that it does not try to experience once.

BeoLab 5 is one of the top line of Bang & Olufsen is superdreadnought speaker that delivers the listener a sound close to the original sound as possible.Just as not only large scale simply, it is possible to cope with any indoor environment, has become the intelligent speakers that various digital functions is mounted.

For example, by a technique called Acoustic Lens Technology, and that at any position in the room speakers, can have anywhere in the room listener, BeoLab 5 will be able to tell the sound that is uniform.In normal speakers, listener or walking around the room, the position of the speaker if the changes or how to hear the sound of varies depending on it it was a matter of course.In addition, unlike the speaker of the general, that is controlled by both the horizontal and vertical planes the directivity of the sound, unprecedented technology is adopted.

In addition, you can freely change the layout of the room, guest of many and or gathered in the home party, change significantly different from acoustic environment you first install even if there is, the fluctuation does not occur in the sound quality of BeoLab 5.It collects data in the room by moving the microphone, I automatically rebuilds the acoustic environment suitable for it.Time required for the automatic adjustment, just 2 minutes.At the touch of a button, you can play at any time, even until the fine nuances of sound.

And Remarkable, design.Harmony and to the modern interior, from the quest for performance, innovative design at all to be able to call with the ultimate functional beauty was born.It may be said that only celebrities taste, BeoLab 5 is an acoustic experience of the highest.

■ BeoLab 5 (black, white)
Price: 2,730,000 yen (pair)

■ Bang & Olufsen Japan