Following the rent uproar with Othello Nakajima, the Mocking-kun also in the shadow of Yuya arrest and release Uchida!?

As poor health and Tomoko Othello Nakajima in holiday is as being delinquent rent apartment, that it was entered into litigation ready to actor Motoki Masahiro and his wife is the landlord of the previous report.Nakajima, which is often rumored relationship with the woman psychics who are to have idolized for some time, it is seen as being both even if the action with this woman psychic while continuing to rent arrears.

Is delinquent rent from put himself who in the same entertainment industry, it is no longer must be depressed to litigation Motoki.For trial, you must pay do not need legal costs to pay if originally.But just is not only to say so and luck was bad, on the other hand, beside the entertainment activities, solidity of Motoki had gained even rental income as a landlord has a case that has become unexpectedly relief.

And 8 days Release “Weekly Shincho” (Shinchosha) has reported a further one side of this Motoki.The Yuya Uchida actor last year arrested singer, along with the Kirin trees actress is Uchida wife, than is that Motoki has been supported is the son-in-law.

Uchida May last year as worked stalking to dating women, have been arrested on suspicion of extortion attempted-burglary, and was released in the indictment grace disposal.Zidane are satisfied with this victim.At the time, that it is trees had been declared not pay any court costs, Motoki behind the trees, he had assisted Uchida secretly.

Was me “Motoki’s from settlement payments to attorneys’ fees is out as trees comment on article.I I have a good No “of people to pay that kind of money to.In addition, after the incident, even monthly living expenses of Uchida that away from the limelight, but Motoki is looked after, also revealed that still have leaked the dissatisfaction with the “not enough that kind of do!” From Uchida to have.

“Well even be helped not to watch the care of life because it is father-in-law for Uchida, it …… it is a paid until settlement Gold and attorneys’ fees.Uchida it will no doubt help of Motoki has been greatly affected by the release has been background without being accused.Which is to say it is looking that has been allowed to parent of Shirinugui, but keep mum it.Matter of the Nakajima also, yet victim stance, it does not even try what the talk.It was calamity is the person speaking, I gained some man to defend the silence “(entertainment writer)

Also towards the core business, movie as known to such as Japan Academy Award for Best Actor Award at the “Departures”, steadily has continued repeatedly career, current drama “of fate people” as an actor (TBS system) I have enthusiastically the protagonist of YumiNaru Ryota at.But, the fourth episode viewing rate of February 5 broadcast 11.6 percent.But also of viewing rate slump for drama “Antarctica”, which has been broadcast in the same frame had often become a hot topic, it is at present that have marked the far below than this minimum viewing rate 13.2 percent.Currently troubles only audience rating of drama!?
(Statement = Kondo Chikage)

(※ Image: from the TBS “Man of Destiny” official HP)

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