The love glance to beauty conductor! Or marriage proposal on the car to success?- China

February 5, 2012, events on the car of long-distance trains across China and Sichuan.27-year-old man, Ra麟 (Luo Lin), who this day, boarded from Itaru-shu Station is hidden a certain determination to train of Chengdu flights.Coverage of China Photo Press.

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Itaru-shu there on the edge of Sichuan Province Luo’s hometown of.He has been working in distant Beijing usually is, why that has been all the way back to the hometown, was for marriage proposal to her love.When are rocked to rattling and train, she to the original Luo’s ….

“This ticket, there is a familiar?”I slowly knelt, your partner Luo’s asked is, Nanibunsei (Ho U~enjin) Mr..It is a 22-year-old to serve the long-distance train conductor.

2 people last year of April, I met on the train going from Chengdu to Beijing.Opportunity is that Luo Mr. wrong look at the number of tickets, you’ve been 爆睡 after entering in the wrong private room.Came to wake it was what Mr..Luo, who happen to love a glance what’s asked her to phone number and the next ride scheduled to come to Beijing.

Until then from August, Luo’s every time, greeted her she has a bouquet of 99 roses every time to arrive in Beijing.The figure of 9 a pronounced character of “Hisashi” is the same in Chinese, that is, there is a number that symbolizes the “permanent”.

It was what Mr. initially puzzled the ardent approach, gradually attracted to his passion, and introduce the opponent in each other’s parents in June.This February to straddling the year, it became a proposal in the train that brings to meet two people.Many of the passengers were Mitodoke the moment two of engagement.Luo’s this summer, he moved to Chengdu to quit the job, two people to start a sweet married life.(Translation and editing / love ball)