Lady Gaga, the long-awaited and Hong Kong first performance in May! Tickets are unusual super expensive – Hong Kong

February 11, 2012, Lady Gaga of US popular female singer, held a concert in Hong Kong in May.Maximum amount ticket has become unusual highs.Chinese Entrepreneurs network told.

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In Asia performances of recently announced world tour “THE BORN THIS WAY BALL 2012-2013”, in one of Seoul and Tokyo and alongside Hong Kong also venue.Performance is scheduled to be held on May 2 in the Asia World Expo (Asia International Expo Hall), the highest amount ticket is wearing a high of surprise and 1580 Hong Kong dollars (about ¥ 16,000).

Although tickets are generally available from the 27th of this month, competition and prices of Yoseki is expected.Degree in Hong Kong, is a concert ticket of popular Korean stars, more than 1,000 Hong Kong dollars (about ¥ 10,000) in the maximum amount.For this reason, Lady Gaga tickets has become an unprecedented price.(Translation and editing / Mathilda)