medical insurance that anyone can put, do not get the insurance money

Medical insurance and life insurance normal, you can not join to be unhealthy there is a review at subscription time.Those “non-selected medical insurance,” as there is no check this also has come out, but can not recommend this insurance.

There are various reasons, but “to put anyone, but to receive insurance money is difficult” is from one of them as.

People to choose the non-selected medical insurance is a person that can not be medical insurance ordinary unhealthy.(No one to subscribe to a more expensive all the way medical insurance to healthy)

You can have ill insurance before, there is a disease during treatment these people.Well, if you say such a person is or take any disease, the most promising is a disease you are suffering from insurance before.

Potential heart disease, and stroke are higher people, such as those treated for high blood pressure from insurance before.That’s what, a person suffering from cancer is unlikely to heal already is large may die of cancer before it becomes to other diseases.

However, in the case of non-selection medical insurance, insurance against the disease that has been applied to the insurance before such is not paid.

In short, it is insurance that insurance is not paid in disease can take in much more than the general high.Insurance company is good not have to pay in the common case is that people hospitalized with high blood pressure may fall in stroke.It’s all well and good to not have to pay the insurance to people who it has become cancer if there is a polyp.

Guarantee of admission is to want simply because there is a chronic disease in unhealthy Do you think there is a value of how much medical insurance that insurance is not down with the disease he or she will be hospitalized.In higher premiums than medical insurance general, it is insurance that insurance is not down only in the range narrower than the medical insurance of general.

You might be ill in hospital has nothing to do with chronic disease, but do you pay a premium for how the security that has been very limited?

When considering a non-selective medical insurance, you should consider this.