The reconstruction of the affected areas, the UK paper startle! UK departure

February 13, 2012: Although it is the United Kingdom of news photography in the Tohoku Earthquake even strange story to see how the reconstruction of, in comparison with state of catastrophic disaster area by the tsunami, the photo after the 11 months, the UK paper is marvel at the speed of the amazing reconstruction.
UK paper photograph of page

Like the one above, immediately after the tsunami, the current comparison photos are oodles posted, always while, the UK paper to publish valuable image to generously Internet, is towards the press thanks.Article of “incredible!” To comment “amazing performance!” Of “praise to deserve!” Comment is lined ,,.
Reality, however reality, radioactivity problems, in the state where it is hard to say that progress to smoothly continue the recovery measures, even if not rubble, it can not return to the same location as.And, this earthquake is, it is reality also had left a lot of lessons in many countries.

February 11, 2012: “彭沢 primary”.In inland China are construction preparation is underway in Jiangxi Jiujiang on the shores of the Yangtze River as the first nuclear power plant.It’s officially running to plan in 2015 after three years.

But, there was a prefecture that was multiplied by Matta in this plan.It’s Anhui province ShoNozomiKo adjacent to each other across the planned construction site Jiujiang Pengze County and Yangtze River.As the prefecture government had false content in construction approval application of 彭沢 primary, seeking construction stop in central government.,, 彭沢 nuclear power plant is built in 2010 as the first nuclear power plant in inland China has been approved.In response to the accident of last year’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, construction but has been temporarily frozen, at hand the construction of this year, under the influence of residents Japan, are nervous in the determination of government for primary.Anywhere in the country officials also, it’s the same as not only act in selfish.
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Around the world, horror of nuclear accident seems to have firmly conveyed.