Misunderstanding is not only a sense of clothes? Football Goto other entertainer our Mote & non-Mote circumstances

Well entertainer amounting to topic such as variety shows, it also comedian who “Mote circumstances”.Known for Twink, generally popular he is, in fact …? What you hear well also talk that.This time I tried to back up to the officials to “Mote circumstances” of such comedians.

For example, of the Football Hour Goto.And he’s a popular high handsome, but it is often clothes sense of is the story in a variety of Variety.Of course the person in order to dispel the fact, but he has demonstrated the first time in good young man, even on or off, especially how not much Mote is off.Because, and Toka because it is too hard work in order to dispel the suspicion, like a dressed with too Takarazuka butch, he would look unnatural.In Speaking of whether Iwao of partner is, Toka here he sense also good in the fashionable, but there is a little complex to women, he ends up the ambitious even appear good person.

In other entertainer, for example Chihara brother of Chihara Junior “but friendly to the cute child, ugly child at all not to the other party,” there is a testimony of officials of the.And he often become drinking party after the program has ended, but Toka’s to a really easy-to-understand reaction in the seat and ….Conversely Kosugi of black mayonnaise regardless of the appearance, who in order to contact gently even in, Toka’s popular among the as a result.Also good for Ukina flows in Kosugi, or the blame, such the?

Entertainer who Mote condition becomes a story on the show.It’s exchange seemingly also scripted, but be that if there is the fact that it has been properly back up?