The spate of criticism in Greece who burn even historic buildings

Every day, in Greece that one after another demo riots against the state, the 16th, photos mob of the Greeks are burning the buildings of the city randomly is reproduced in net bulletin board, is called a ripple.

Some of the burnt buildings, widely known as “Syntagma Square” as a historical building in the center of the Greek capital Athens are also included, the net bulletin board “valuable tourism resources …” such as the shock I have a spread.”In the end it because I’m or destroy or eliminate the place of life in their hands, the financial crisis previous problems” such as “Why not use for the energy of the country”, the Greek riots which increases the radical of critical were received.

On the other hand, “I think this way and how, I think that’s obvious angry is that such that their disadvantage.Japanese more angry should “, etc., same economic situation is also seen many opinions question the” indifference “of the Japanese that do not show anger against the government while bad.

· riot damage building 110 houses 79 people arrested (livedoor News)

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