Animation of the causes of suicide in Japan?From Russia

Children of continuous suicide of teenager continued in Russia, I’m fuss the world.During the day, and he also of junior high school students six in just 10 minutes have passed their own life.Grades at school in all of them home of children who blessed was also good.And interestingly, that this many was intense nerd of Japanese anime.Or anime would there can lead to suicidal thoughts? Stewing those that urge the generation iPod and Tsu~itta overflows to the terrible fate? Children of psychology that has not been established for impact of Japanese anime, Olga Mahofusukaya Mr. senior expert of child psychology is stated:.”Of course, animation itself can not become the cause of suicide of teenager.But this visual art that many of the children go crazy thing you want to sharpen every emotion.And be hero of the death specific to Japanese anime, and not to the other country’s culture, it is a measure that sometimes measure true friendship, the fidelity.

While tied his hands, it is common between especially girls and is of that jump off from a high and the girls each other to a heroic adventure, the contents absolutely forever’m friends, and each other oath is something found in everyone anime.,, Not actually less scene heroes kill easily in the anime.When devote opponent in what keen to Yuku attracted also did not who intend to completely die came death.The hero who take a detached attitude to life and death is also not a few, life is I’m fully believe not only in the game.,,.

i more Russian excerpt full text from the Internet article Japanese Voice of Russia

In fiscal 2011 of record, in the suicide rate in the population 100,000 units, Russia is the world third place, Japan 8th.World statistics reference article Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department statistics: Japan age group statistics such as age US-Japan comparison such as & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; past blog: Japanese suicide and unemployment unfortunate 22 year forecast