Imported car, selling power map has this!

Domestic car whereas a about 20-50% from the previous year, imported cars has become about 6% increase (except Japan-imported car) On the contrary, new car sales total of January to May this year, now how the domestic car some users that were not imported car Fumikire to purchase up to flows in the imported cars in relief.
If you try to visualize the sales results for January to May in Japan imported car brand, it accounts for about 70% of the imported car market nearly VW, BMW, Benz, only Audi I understand.Breakthrough of Audi is particularly noticeable, in that the share of VW group accounts for about 40% of the imported car If you include the Porsche.

(Figures from the Japan Automobile Importers Association statistics)
When we analyzed by where to are selling a lot of imported cars more, metropolitan Tokyo, Kanagawa, Aichi, and Osaka aside, that each province with an increasing trend with certainty, you will know last year.

As it or not continue next year after this trend will regain the tone is domestic car manufacturers, that domestic car users became interested in imported car at least might be no doubt.
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(Avanti Yasunori)
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