Baseball reporter (back) roundtable to “write not interview memo” all Barras! (4) concern of “ass” is eliminated!

A way, ORIX I of Spring Training maximum “concern” was resolved.Warm water cleaning toilet seat is attached to the stadium backstop behind the toilet.Akinobu Okada Director (54) is discouraged as “lie! Washlet with was do or” and gladly he also fleeting, “flame and, yan Tsukaen of” to know that there is no essential outlet.Then, it means that the power supply work is made, the director became smiling.

B new foreign people of fourth candidate, Rii de ho DaiHiroshi (29) body weight at the time of joining conference in big there was 130 kg.Then, because it was increased to 140 kg, Okada has issued a 10 kg weight loss instruction.Result, I appeared in camp squeeze also 15 km.Naa I was coach “10 km say.Sky, skinny too by “the bitter smile.

C Lee in the springboard Japan, are aimed at the major-filled.The South Korean media has been answered, “I want to hit the ball of Darvish”.

A Darvish was missing Nippon Ham, Hideki Kuriyama Director (50) inauguration.Second year of Yuki Saito (23) January 25, published a Jishutore.The team public relations media outlets, but I’ve been notified and start 時 11 ‥‥.

D But Saito I’m did you start arbitrarily at 10 o’clock.It is that only if to be impressed by the fact that exercise motivation strong, but had finished a whopping 11 sometimes.This has also been unable to interview all the company, a large boo flew.

B Saito same as Akira Sino-Japanese Yamamoto, Tottori sports gym “World Wing” any time we did the Jishutore, this was another terrible.Though Akira has received normally interview, when you take a picture of Akira, Saito would crowded Ballmer behind.It mean that bad, the person is Rashiki affiliation office staff of Saito, I come every time with a claim.Akira Do not use implicitly also comments that talked about Saito, and.Of course, is not even Saito of comments on it.

On C interview, Saito has become that it was not there.Though can look at the training landscape, do not hear the story, dont even reflected in the photograph.What would the intention of Somerset, and.

D, however, is Saito high evaluation of the camp.Fastball in the bullpen, the impression that has returned to the “heyday” of when 3 years Hayami.I’ve been able to even weight shift of the challenges was the left foot.

Would because unleashed from the spell of A Darvish.

Even B last year received often the advice from Dar, just do not run just hear, Dar has had Mihanashi.Will no longer have its Dar was surly relationship, it looks like you’re carefree.

C Well, it was not running, but there is also because there was no physical strength to do a dull menu of non-standard.

D Darvish and to have missing holes, there is also a voice and that became motivated.

In A and “there is dream of opening pitcher” only was to mouth, I thing seen this season.