South Korea, I invite the nuclear power plant technicians pull … dinner invitation change jobs of TEPCO

Multiple media of South Korea is the 16th, when the government is scout the primary engineer of TEPCO, was reportedly cited the coverage of Japan.After the Fukushima nuclear accident, while in Japan there is a movement of “de-nuclear power plant”, named from the fact that is progressing Southeast Asia in the construction of the nuclear power plant, including South Korea, there is a growing demand for Japan’s nuclear power plant engineer.

According to the Korea media, movement to try to pull out the Japanese nuclear power plant engineers, strong especially in South Korea.2011 officials of the South Korean government in summer, is invited to dinner the staff who work in the electronic force department of TEPCO, was soliciting a career change to the Korean nuclear industry.That other TEPCO staff also, was approached to change jobs from South Korea.

South Korea President Lee Myung-bak the 5th, and agreed to resume the nuclear power plant construction negotiation of Turkey that has been interrupted.In December 2011 for example, to announce the construction of a new nuclear power plant 2 groups in Uljin (Uljin), and shows the attitude of the primary propulsion.

Korean Knowledge Economy Ministry the 16th, reports that the Korean government tried to pull out the TEPCO engineers denied as “not true”, “the South Korean government is that there is no fact that solicitation to change jobs to TEPCO engineers was talk that it “knows the.(Editors: Yu Shinkawa)