[Entertainment vitamin ♪] and “bake have time? “Really either lie or!? The AKB48 of handmade cookies Shinoda Mariko is demonstrated.

Valentine’s Day is also the end, the topic was out even television program that idol group AKB48 has appeared “Music Station”.But, busy girls really whether there is time to make chocolate and cookies? As if that question to answer, you are publishing a figure which Mariko Shinoda make cookies in blog.

Before and after February 14 AKB48 members also on blogs and TV shows, was often touching the topic of Valentine’s Day.In “Music Station” of February 17, and he was not surprised the Tamori of moderator Mariko Shinoda is revealed to be “burned 500 cookies”.

Tamori is there time to bake “so much?When asked “said Shinoda answered it” took until around 4:00 pm or Yonabe to morning 3 “.The cookies that she gave to the south Takahashi in such, portrait of about takami a person is wry smile to be “full of malice” has been drawn.

In the program of ending, but that was a gift large heart-shaped cookies that are caricatures from Mariko Shinoda to Tamori drawn.Shinoda and “Tamori-san is a picture that has issued a tongue in” Tehepero “” but has been described, is the it of Tamori compared with heights variety of portrait described above was higher degree of perfection.

Mariko Shinoda, which is also the work of fashion magazines of shooting and events as a model among AKB48 is, should do a considerable overcrowding schedule.She and bake 500 cookies, carefully wonder there is a time to or draw a portrait in a cookie.

The its Shinoda Mariko was posted on February 18 in the blog “Diary” is it was a photo of a process that bake the cookies you pass to Tamori.Where Apart “to Takeuchi Ana also” is assumed to be passed to Tamori, either not portrait of Yoshie Takeuchi Ana to serve the progress of the M stearate are making also drawn cookies.

“Recipe because the mom of Juri, quite taste is also delicious” come and also has revealed that it has learned how to make from the mother of Jurina Matsui, transmitted increasingly handmade feeling of cookies.

Although the M stearate was talking that made the cookies in large quantities also Haruna Kojima, it was showing a place like her as “some ornamental”.On the other hand Kashiwagi Yuki is revealed as “because most mom made”, it seems to have not passed only two can be closed cares Minami Minegishi and Aki Takajo.

In addition, that Yuko Oshima things “takoyaki-style pancake chocolate” ordinary things and mustard-filled in last year’s Valentine’s Day, was passed in surprise to Yasushi Akimoto.When Akimoto Yasushi caught as “spicy!” Choose a mustard-filled, he reacted with “bad!” Further extend the hand towards the ordinary.

She “” Oshima from Akimoto teacher, such of the “painful” If any guy is “delicious” The has been preaching and if we do not do it’ll “no” so, and “did not bring myself to make this year.” had been told.

Shinoda Mariko but undoubtedly “500 cookies” and that baked the “portrait cookie Tamori”, a member of AKB48 it seems there is a “handmade to school” and “weak faction”.
(TechinsightJapan editing part Maki Izumi)